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RUN: #697                                          RUN SITE:  Aripo

SCRIBE:    STRANGER                                                          HARES:  Chris Mawer/Richard Marlay/Kelly             

DATE:      July 26, 2008   


So I was not travelling to the East, like I normally do on a weekend and it’s a hash weekend – Aripo, even better! After checking the website I see it’s from the Aripo Community Centre and will be set by Mawer and Marlay, ummm, should I go after all?  Well, they promise breathtaking scenery so I’ll give it a try.


Thursday comes around and my ride to and from the hash is organized.  Only problem is convincing the family that it’s safe! (Like if they really care) Hubby asks, “Aripo, dat’s not where dem people get wash away las weekend?” My reply, “Nah, we going all the way up in the hills, far higher than any river” Ha, ha. “Well whatever” he says shaking his head.  Same story with the rest of the family – they just can’t understand this hashing thing!


Saturday arrives – lovely day, sun shining hot for so and absolutely no sign of rain. Eh heh! About 11.30 am heavens opened, a mini tornado pass through the place with some mean thunder and lightning and so I fraid lightning!  Can’t believe my luck, looks like hash gone thru!  I get organized at the appointed time and off we go via “Burger Boss” (a slow fast food) then Mt Lambert to drop off a car an the time ticking away.  Well the driver had to drive real fast (Lisa couldn’t even talk, she only holding the dash board tight) and we make it just in time.  As we pull we hear the “Hash hush”.  By the time I make a pit stop all I see was the backs of the back pack.  Front runners long gone.


Well I know I’ve not been here for most of the Saturday hashs, but after a while I began to feel a bit like a celebrity.  First man to greet me was Darren who was sweet talking some sexy young chick at the back of the pack. “A a stranger, where yah been, long time no see!”  Then, another hasher, ‘oh gad dat bottom looking familiar, where ya been?” and another, “Glad to see my inspiration is back”.


We started running off on a dirt track, but very soon veered off to the left and up another muddy track then into the river and soon started to climb up a stunning limestone waterfall.  Most of the way there seemed to have steps carved into the huge limestone boulders, but occasionally there were times where we truly stretched to the limit with water gushing down into our face.  We finally got to the top and turned left onto (guess what?) – another muddy trail, this time more like a road where we met Christine and her posse.  We should have known something was wrong but continued blazing train to an “X”. Back down, round the corner onto the familiar road leading up to the Aripo caves.  False trail to the left and correct trail back down on the right, onto the road again. Round two corners then the pleasing sight of coolers filled with beer.  A quick guzzle and off again.


Down again then up a steep slope.  Lord, I hear Teheli let go some cuss there.  Somebody pelt a mango or orange from up on top which hit her. (I feel it was Mark).  Up and over, down a long false trail and after much searching finally find the trail off to the right which was good as most of the runners were together at this time.  So is back in the river and I find myself running next to Justin – I should a shut meh mouth.  He ask me ever so sweetly to do him a favour and write the trash.  Well that spoil de whole run! I now come back and it’s de trash I have to write, nah man!


So we in the river running nice, then an arrow pointing us over the river and up the muddy bank, but no trail, What nonsense, these fellas spoiling a good run! Back to the river – you know we find the trail in the river – what kinda a trick is dat?  We head down the river and onto a road and on in.  Time to lime and yes you guessed it, drink and drink and drink.


I miss this liming ting too bad, yes!!  Everytime I turn around a next beer in meh han!!  De lime was real sweet, I spend the time with the ole boys (Roy and his posse) then with the “Pick Up” posse – they and all happy to see me.  And what’s so nice about this hash is that most things remain the same like Victor and Nevie.  The two of them harassing the pretty, young virgins who come with Denis.  Dirly ole men!!  We didn’t plan to stay late, but the driver was waiting on crab and dumps so we join Christine, singing dancing and drinking in the middle of the people road.  Well, the food reach, the driver pack it to go home so I had to leave – kicking and screaming.  There was Audrey smiling and boasting that she was staying to lime and drink and that she was going home with Lorin – hope they went straight home!


Must commend the hares for an excellent hash.  Thanks guys.


One more thing I just have to tell all ya.  I hear the next day about how a pretty Scottish lassie cuss up she husband when he tell she to hurry and climb up the waterfall!!!  I don’t know how true this is, but can’t believe that of her.


                                                                   Justin’s Junk #697


The hares definitely showed us where the ‘Heights’ come from in Aripo Heights at run 697. And unfortunately we had to traverse those heights to find the beer stop. Even some walkers and shortcutters, like Mumtaz, made the trek up the mountain to the beer stop. At least they were on foot however and not in Eggy’s 4*4 Prado, which might not have made it up. That’s 3 beer stops in the last 4 runs, and I’d really like to encourage you hares to keep it up! Keith and I need our supplements both at the start of the run and at some point 45 minutes into it as well. A great run however.


Welcome to the virgins: Stephanie Pemberton/Sjacelan Evans/Kumar Koonoolal/Jodi Chin/Dion Koonoolal


Birthdays: Sherry, Peter Dickenson and Darin


New Shoes: Asha (she might deny it, and if she doesn’t stop moaning, they might be new again this week as well) She received this award in my old shoe!


Poofter Nominees: Dexter for thinking something was wrong with JP putting Dexter in the tray of his pickup, while JP drove in peace in the cab of the truck with a young lady all alone; Nevi for not knowing the difference between a 3 and a 9; Mumtaz for suddenly joining the ranks of walkers and short cutters; Kelly for not going to the Aripo general store to buy a new pair of sneakers after her’s were damaged during the setting of the run; The Hares for the lovely use of a couple arrows that pointed to false trails; and the winner Eggy whose luxury 4*4 Prado could not negotiate the tough terrain of the savannah on which everyone else’s Tidas and Wingroads were parking. His Prado was eventually towed home by Wahid.


Vertical Scroll: We mourn the passing of Gary Phillip  who left us on Monday 21st July, 2008. Gary was a true hasher in every sense of the word and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones at this time. Gary was supposed to set run 699 on August 23rd, 2008 and therefore run 699 will be a special commemorative run for Gary Phillip. The hares will be wearing all black and 
all hashers are asked to run in at least one black item of clothing.











DATE:       August 23, 2008

HARES:      Richard Marlay

RUN SITE:  Arena           

TIME:      3.30 p.m.

Head to Arima on Highway go Tumpuna road intersection (2nd traffic light after race track) turn right and drive for 15 minutes to San Raphael Junction turn left at church and follow road to a fork, bear right heading towards Arena Dam

look for HHH signs




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701    Sep. 20            Vin & Michelle

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703    Oct. 18            Simon/Allistar/Natasha

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