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RUN: #696                                          RUN SITE:  Manette Ranch - Arima

SCRIBE:    ASK VODKA                                                         HARES:  BIG DICKS             

DATE:      July 12, 2008   


It  was that time again, and after two consecutive runs in Santa Cruz, these  “Big Dicks” have taken us East to Manette’s Ranch. Although it rained for most of the week, Saturday turned out to be a pretty clear evening. A huge crowd gathered for the usual preamble and a promise by the hares for a great run. The hares, all six of them were clad in orange T-shirts with the words “BIG DICKS” printed on their chests…….  B I G     D I C K S?? ????........well…..that we can’t  confirm…….but surely there was an  Indian Dick, a Chinee Dick, a Spanish Dick and Three Bald Dicks !!!!


The pack was off and the front runners were in search of the trail. The crowd scattered and in less than five minutes, the run took us across the river and uphill. At this point, I was trapped at the back and already hashers were complaining of getting their feet wet so early in the run……..boy…….what old farts !!   Anyway, I pushed my way through as the run continued uphill through the bushes. I could even hear one Bimbo telling another that she has never seen so many “dicks” before.


There were a few checks along the way, but it did little to keep the pack together. The run continued uphill and uphill and uphill (get the picture), then downhill and through the valley. We came upon another river and again uphill, through some bamboo and finally onto a paved road. Here, to the delight of most hashers, was a “Beer Stop”.  These hares seemed to have had   really good sponsorship. Hashers guzzled on cold Corona, while others energized on Monster and Blue water. It was downhill on the road from here, until we met a check at the bottom. We proceeded across the main road into the river and eventually on the road near a small playing ground. At last, the “ON  IN”, for some a sprint to the finish, for others, sheer bliss, knowing cold beers is at the end.


The HM summoned the crowd for the usual down-downs. Amazingly, this event seemed to have attracted the largest turn-out of virgins ever !!!!...was it the location?......or was it the promises made by the  BIG DICKS ??  Lots of beer and food served, then  on on to the bar, where a great time was had by all. For those of you who stayed and danced until midnight…….CHEERS!!!!!!!    Thank you DICKS for another eventful hash Saturday.


                                                                   Justin’s Junk #696

Vertical Scroll: We mourn the passing of Gary Phillip  who left us on Monday 21st July, 2008. Gary was a true hasher in every sense of the word and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones at this time. Gary was supposed to set run 699 on August 23rd, 2008 and therefore run 699 will be a special commemorative run for Gary Phillip. The hares will be wearing all black and all hashers are asked to run in at least one black item of clothing.

I finally made my move… I was just about to close the gap on the front pack when the beer stop hit me like a ton of bricks… Needless to say I was unavoidably detained... the beer stop might also be the only reason I pulled within ear shot of the front pack in the first place. The beer stop was more challenging than I thought, and it refused to let me continue after just one beer… Eventually I managed to untangle myself and burst (staggered) off. A visibly upset Ashe greeted me as I made my way in with Mumtaz, as he naturally thought we were responsible for each other’s late arrival. Good Run set by the Little Toties, and a great Beer Stop and after lime.


Welcome to the virgins :  David/Anna/Sarayah/Desiree/Andrew/Caroline/Amy/Ryan/Michael/Craig/Richard/Christi/Elvis/Dane/Stefan/Samatha/ Tatsher/Alan


Poofter Nominations: I think the Mango Chow bucket lent a nice touch for the award. First is Victor for losing a sprint off at the On In to Richard Arrindel (of all people) and taking a man across a river on his back; Eggy for convincing the other hares, to take Friday off to set the run, only to get to the run site and realize that the shredded paper is back at Eggy’s house in Diego Martin; Jenna for somehow managing to get dirt under her fingernails at a hash.. Oh My God, impossible!!; Dual Winners Gerry & Mumtaz; Mumtaz for inserting this at the end of last hash’s  trash…If you begin to develop and maintain an attitude that says yes to life and the world you'll be astonished at the changes you'll see” Goes without saying some fundamental rule of hashing and hashers was broken with that statement; Gerry for running off the road after the previous hash while having phone sex with Femia. There was only one Poofter t-shirt present, so our first Siamese Poofter award was given as the two of them put on the t-shirt at the same time.. Please send me a pic of that whoever has it…


Cruise Payments due now… at this hash… pay me!



DATE:       August 9, 2008

HARES:      David Morand

RUN SITE:  Diego Martin

TIME:      3.30 p.m.


From West Mall , travel on main highway into Diego Martin. Turn right at KFC travel straight to end (T junction, Mary's Chinese food /bar on left at corner) . Turn left, follow Morne Coco Road, past Catholic Church and panyard. Look for Cameron road, turn left and go up Cameron road which becomes concrete steep winding road. 5 mins to Cameron Village Savannah.  Park cars on Savannah and road to leave space for sports players.

  Altenate route:
  From Maraval road, turn at gas station as to go to Paramin. DO NOT go to Paramin! Turn left where taxi/jeeps turn and follow Morne Coco road to Cameron road and proceed as above.




RUN#  DATE            HARES                                    SITE  

698    Aug. 09            David Morand

699    Aug. 23            Richard Marlay   

700    Sep. 06            Alan / Justin / Jerry

701    Sep. 20            Vin & Michelle

Sept. 27 – Oct 5         Hash Overseas – Cruise  

702    Oct. 04            Marlon Newallo

703    Oct. 18            Simon/Allistar/Natasha

704    Nov. 01            Martin Griffith & Ronald McDonald

705    Nov. 15            Dave Blunden & South Posse

706    Nov. 29            Fearsome Foursome +1-5x6-9

707    Dec. 13             The Bimbos

708    Dec. 27

709    Jan. 10, 2009      The Golden Girl

710    Jan  24, 2009      The Mountain Goats s

711    February 7, 2009  Fr Michael

712    February 21, 2009 Carnival Saturday Run/Calypso Competition

713    March 7, 2009    Susan Hale & Ghislain Agostini

714    March 21, 2009     Vagrant at large