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RUN: #695                                          RUN SITE:  Santa Cruz

SCRIBE: Klean Tottie                                                         HARES:  Betty and Timothy             

DATE:      June 28, 2008   


The man say scribe d trash so I doin just dat.  After the last public display, I eh takin no chances.  So here goes….. Another good day for hashin, oh yeah it rained, sorry, make that another GREAT day for hashing, what lovely weather. This should be easy; good location, good terrain and the run set by d Dutty Tottie and dey Nanny.   D Dutty Tottie, who are they you ask?  They are Nittin and the guys from Jaipor, India or Mumbai or Calcutta or Delhi, look what d hell, is “Chalo, Chalo” an dem! But wait, Nittin didn’t show up nor did the guys from (see above).  So who do we have settin this run? First there’s Timothy Henry (Nee Sooklal) who is 50% Indian, 48% Horn and 2% Chinese; then there’s Betty who got 1.78% Indian in her and she got that as an adult.  So the run was set by a total of 51.78% Indian. 


After the usual warning: no hills, no mud, no rivers, off we went….”Chalo, Chalo” into the bushes, followed by some road then in d river, on d bank, on d bank, in d river, yuh get the picture! We went like this until Risa found what turned out to be d wrong way to the right trail or was it the right way to the wrong trail; anyway is Risa, go figure! Then we started uphill, until Tim got lost; the boy had people contemplating turning back especially when WAPS started to sting Nevi, doh ask me, d man say WAPS stung him on his manhood or should that be boyhood, and he need to get home before the swelling goes down.  Tim having found the right trail led us on (Chalo) and it’s pretty much straight forward from here on, all downhill….ON IN.


After the On In, about 50ft from the cars, Justin took two men on a short cut that added another 45 minutes to their run (hmm….that doh sound right), whatever yes they supposed to be big men, to each his own. Chalo, Chalo! 



P.S Nittin when yuh settin ah run, yuh should at least be there! 


P.S to d P.S  Ah hear Jerry ran off d road and into ah ditch, apparently on the way to d ole people concert, Famia called to offer him some phone sex. When d police found him in the ditch, he was not hurt but for some reason he was suckin on d AIR BAG.





                                                 Justin’s Junk #695


The scribe appointment for the last run went extremely smoothly for some reason... The Doti Toti (aka Chalo Chalo) Crew treated us to a rare Santa Cruz run. Run was scenic and well set.. a bit too well set for one of the hares, Tim, at some points forcing him to do a bit of checking as well. We can always “Blame It On The Rain”. The only puzzling aspect of the run was the absence of every one who claims to be “Doti Toti” or “Chalo Chalo” when the hares were called up. Oddly enough the Christian, Trinidadian bred-born-raised duo of Betty and Tim were the only hares present… I wonder why they called themselves Doti Toti..??.. Thanks to Nevi for use of the garden boots.


Welcome to the virgins : Vashti, Steve, Jeremy, Allan, Derek, Feeyaz, Jena, Nigel, Rob


Farewell to Gisela


New Shoes: David took one in his old shoe, on behalf of his daughter’s new shoe.. What a nice guy… and a belated award to Tian, the shoe with the metal spikes.


Poofter: Eric for buying a brand new 4*4 pickup, built for rough terrain and mud, but not driving it to hash because he didn’t want to get it dirty; Tim for deciding that the right point in time to get the entire hash lost, would be when there were bees in the vicinity; The joint winners Khalid, for bringing a 25-seater filled to the brim with human males, and then compounding the matter further by addressing them using terms of endearment while on the run, and Don, for running with a suitcase with built in shoulder straps, packed to capacity with 1.5 liters of water, 2 gatorades, a plate of pelau (uncovered) and 2 sandwiches, all in an effort to build up his calf muscles.


Announcements: Cruise needs to be paid off by end of this month everyone.





DATE:       July 26, 2008

HARES:      Chris Mawer

RUN SITE:  Valencia

TIME:      3.30 p.m.


Head east on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway to Arima passing the O’Meara Road intersection (Santa Rosa race track on right) Tumpuna Road intersection and Santa Rosa heights, pass the pillars at the entrance to Wallerfield and head to next traffic lights. Turn left on Cumuto Road and 1.5 km to the Eastern Main Road go straight across the Eastern Main Road on the heights of Aripo Road and travel 8km on a straight tend winding road through Aripo Village to a bright yellow building the Aripo Community Center




RUN#  DATE            HARES                                    SITE  

697    July 26            Chris Mawer

698    Aug. 09            David Morand

699    Aug. 23            The original pussy hares   

700    Sep. 06            Alan / Justin / Jerry

701    Sep. 20            Vin & Michelle

    Sept. 27 – Oct 5     Hash Overseas – Cruise  

702    Oct. 04            Marlon Newallo

703    Oct. 18            Simon & Natalie

704    Nov. 01            Martin Griffith & Ronald McDonald

705    Nov. 15            Dave Blunden & South Posse

706    Nov. 29           

707    Dec. 13             The Bimbos

708    Dec. 27

709    Jan. 10, 2009      The Mountain Goats

710    Jan  24, 2009      The Golden Girls

711    February 7, 2009

712    February 21, 2009

713    March 7, 2009    Susan Hale & Ghislain Agostini

714    March 21, 2009     Vagrant at large



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