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RUN: #694                                          RUN SITE:  Santa Cruz

SCRIBE: 23924319 Private Parts                         HARES: Andre Ache, Victor, Asha & Lynette              

DATE:      June 14, 2008   


Well this was a big turn out for a so called local run. A lot of fair weather hashers showed their faces, due to the short drive to the site, but I just wish they would be a bit more supportive. If the hash East of the ‘Croisee’, we ent seeing them at all, at all. Ah well, the hard core showed up in force, Numbnuts apart. What happen to he boy? Two hashes now we can’t see the man. Maybe he under heavy manners again.


When Nevy arrived at the run site, he produced a rugby shirt from his car and was enquiring if anyone knew who it belongs to. He said he found it in the airing cupboard at home, and it was not his and that Flash did not know who it belonged to. What he expect Flash to say? It belong to the next man? He feel he bright though, as he trying to find out who is the hornerman by asking who own the shirt. I ent falling for that one.


At 4 o clock the hash was called to order. Andre gave a crash course in gynecology and then we were off. A nice little leg stretch to begin, up a trail to the right, then turning right up a hill to the Maracas Bay trail and our first check. A clever check here, as it brought the whole pack back together again, but then confusion started to reign and bodies milling around all over the place, till at last a back check was discovered. Had to work hard here doing a bit of pushing and shoving and overtaking as the girl and boy racers fought to get back up front. Diane, Betty, Ashe, Michael, Martin (I came in 1st), Nevy et al. We then backtracked and swung right downhill to the savannah where the front runners…. the lean and the mean … did the most amazing starburst, a manouvere the ‘Red Arrows’ would have been proud of. A hasher left, a hasher right, a hasher ahead, then Pete Dixon, Doon, Lisa and the rest, all going to different points of the compass over 180º, to many calls of ‘Are you on?” Great synchronization, great formation running, but alas, to no avail. We had missed the X. A clever check.. again bringing the pack back together, but now a slog back up the hill and again, push, shove, overtake to get back to the front.


What? The On In after 10 minutes. Great!! Great!! We swung left back to the cars and met Victor. Now I worry about this guy who likes to dress in pink. Is his sex talk all a cover for his real orientation? Anyway, despite denying it, he laid that piece of trail uphill to the right, a few minutes before we arrived. Say what! So up we went and here’s Ras Bruce bragging “look meh… I up de front.”  Now left into the bush and a nice stretch of the legs along an aquaduct with nice spears at intervals for you to impale yourself should you stumble and fall. Nearly Nevy…. Ah well, I’ll just have to keep horning yuh.




Out de bush and back on the road and a check here. It took a while to find the trail and so about a third of the pack caught up, but now the runners were starting to spread out and lose contact. Back in de bush for a short loop and back on the road a next check. Again, it took a while to find the trail with all who were there trying. Gerry, Martin, Nevy, Michael and of course Ronald Mc (Not), scramble up the bank and into the bush again and a steady ascent to a river bed where it split in two. At this stage I could hear Barcelona some distance ahead calling and Justin. Justin???? What he doing up the front so early? He usually only makes his move for supremacy near the On In, so this is how I know we near home. Ah well, on up and back on the road. Again, a clever check here, as it pulled about 30 or so hashers back together. Mike and Doon now doing most of the checking. Then the sucker punch, we could see paper about 80 ft up a cliff. Now I try hard not to be dotish, but yes, it caught me, Dexter, Doon and a few others. I mean who would really set a trail up there? But if we right??? Anyway, back check and on up, a bit of a trek now on narrow slippery trail. Single file only and you only seeing the person in front and in my case listening to Diane and Dexter behind me chattering away. It levels out a bit now and a slight descent to a beer stop.


At this point Betty arrived and started to take the piss out of Nevy and myself and a few others who went downhill and uphill looking for the trail. Like she and her cohorts took laughing gas and were laughing like loons and hyenas. Anyway, to arse with them… Where de trail?


At this point some young kid and a guy with locks found the trail on the left in de bush and dey gone and would not call despite our appeals of “Are you On?’ We knew roughly where they went in the bush but could we find the trail? Doon looking, Pete Dixon, Martin, Nevy, Blunden, Michael…. At last we go it. Rather a fast tricky descent, now on wet leaves requiring swinging wide at each back double or its arse over tit. I followed Lisa and Martin down to the On In.


At this point I made my break for fame and glory by haring past Nevy and God’s Messenger… Michael, announcing to all that I was about to beat them. Alas, they rose to the challenge and sprinted past me. Maybe when I grow up and mature I’ll beat them.


Did Martin tell you he came fourth?


Lorin sadly has given up being competitive and now considers himself the best of the rest. This, it appears, was brought on by the arrival of a certain 65 year old who smokes, drinks, won’t train, but is lately always ahead of Lorin. Well, it’s not a race is it?


A real good sweat. A bit of an uphill slog but I enjoyed it.


To conclude… What could be better than drinking cool refreshing beer by moonlight in a tropical rainforest with mountains all around and the sound of Betty’s looney laugh, Hanif cussing, Lisa perusing in her slinky leapord-skin number and lots of good ole talk with many friends and a pissed John Nixon???!!!














                                                 Justin’s Junk #694


From one minute, grumbling and cursing the hares to congratulating them on one of the best runs of the year! Oh what a difference a Beer Stop makes. The run improved even further when I had my second lager at the Beer Stop. Eventually the beers ran out and in order to get some more I had to complete the run. The grumbling and cursing the hares resumed.


Welcome to all the virgins! Jordan/David/Deepak/Joel/Candice/Pavan/George/Salisha/Melisa

Announcements: Cruise Balances need to be paid up by end of July. Please call or email me to find out your balance.


Farewells: Cecile, Enda, Joe                                    New Shoes: Candace, Pavan, Renata, Renee


Poofter: Andre for reading his pre-hash-amble from a sheet of paper; Christian Anderson for bathing with a loufa (sp) and shampoo (for some reason); Glori for throwing beer at Andy, despite the presence of a million stones that could have caused more harm and less wastage of beer; and the winner Chris Valdez for boasting that he was definitely coming to the run, but then missing it after his wife sent him to PriceSmart.





DATE:       July 12, 2008

HARES:      Big Dicks

RUN SITE:  Manette Ranch - Arima

TIME:      3.30 p.m.


Head east on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway to Arima, passing the O’Meara Road intersection (Santa Rosa Race Track on your right), Tumpuna Road intersection (Areana turn off on right) and Santa Rosa Heights to Demarara Road on your left (Demarara Road is the first left after the pillars at Santa Rosa). Proceed north on Demarara Road to the Eastern Main Road. Cross the EMR and continue heading north on the Arima By Pass Road pass the fork in road for a further half mile (approximately) to Manette’s Ranch.

Entrance to site is Sunshine Avenue on the right hand side after the Manette Ranch sign.

There will be a user fee of $20.00 per vehicle for entrance to the ranch.


After hash lime is at the Paddock Sports Bar on Green Street in the heart of Arima, first corner on the left after the Dial. Food (and drink) will be available there.



RUN#  DATE            HARES                                    SITE  

696    July 12            Big Dicks                                Manette Ranch - Arima

697    July 26            Chris Mawer

698    Aug. 09            David Morand

699    Aug. 23            Brian Dookie   

700    Sep. 06            Alan / Justin / Jerry

701    Sep. 20            Vin & Michelle

    Sept. 27 – Oct 5     Hash Overseas – Cruise  

702    Oct. 04            Marlon Newallo

703    Oct. 18            Simon & Natalie

704    Nov. 01            Martin Griffith & Ronald McDonald

705    Nov. 15            Dave Blunden & South Posse

706    Nov. 29            Susan Hale & Ghislain Agostini

707    Dec. 13             The Bimbos

708    Dec. 27

709    Jan. 10, 2009