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RUN: #689                                           RUN SITE: Ravine Sable

HARES:     Betty, Lorin, Dave, Mark Puddy         SCRIBE: DD (Indra Jumbled up, Block for a long time)

DATE:   May 3, 2008


This first run for the month of May has been for years a run set traditionally by Peter Rees Watkins, Dennis and Betty as their birthdays fell on May 1st, May 4th and May 5th respectively.

Due to the truly unavoidable absence of Peter, though he was very much present in spirit and also featured as the star on the hares t-shirt, Betty was co-hared by Peter’s best friends and fellow hashers, David Jameson, Lorin and Mark Puddy, who came over especially all the way from Tobago (applause, applause). 


David introduced this run with a bit of a speech for this sentimental occasion and asked that we remember Peter by enjoying the run, the beer and celebrate and party afterwards.  Easy – that’s what tigers, I mean hashers do best!!!


So this special hash certainly brought the old hashers out of the woodwork, Dennis Voisin, Kingsley, Phil Everest, Chris Mawer and of course not the old but the bbbbbold and beautiful Babababarbara, Demaris, Thora, Giselle from Barbados, formerly from London, formerly from T&T.


One who especially impressed us by her presence was Mary who at Betty and Peter’s last run at Ravine Sable had interesting escapades with bees.  Very brave and commendable for you to come back Mary.


Enough preamble – onto the run.


The trail more or less went straight into the sand pits of which I now know there are several.  The wide expanse of the sandpit area gave an opportunity to drop a circle of flour and spread the pack not back and front but all around.  I guess it was almost a spectacular sight to see lines of hashers spread out in this way – with the expanse of beige, red, grey, pink sand as almost a theatrically staged backdrop.


Anyway, the trail went back towards the houses, flirted with the villagers where Lorin was most impressed with the presence of a parlour but not so with the numerous heap of beer bottles near by and then back into the pits.


It was pretty hot at this stage but no point complaining (though Father Michael Chatfield did – keep to praying son) as it must have been so much hotter when the hares were setting it.


At this point Jameson gave his Lampard-Drogba joke:

Question – why didn’t Frand Lampard invite Drogba to his mother’s funeral?

Answer – because he didn’t want Drogba “to dive” in the box.


To all those who didn’t understand that joke – hard luck!



Sorry I digress.  Where were we?  Yes still in the sand pits where Betty laid a trail especially for her front running partners Ash and Richard Hart that led straight to the quick sand.  Ash obligingly went in.  Tame laugh! Ha ha.


The correct way was up a crevice and onto a road then left on the road and into another sandpit.  Then it was out of the sand pit and into the forest.  Here we followed scenic trails through Citrus and Cashews.


Dip appeared fairly industrious at this stage and led us out to a check at a yellow Poui shedding its last.  It was here along the dry leaves that I was asked to what! Slide or scribe.  What the f’in hell was I going to write about?


-                     The emergence of T & C’s on the hash. (T- not tit not ahh but definitely wild meat  C- adhere closely, for a long time and also a pleasing sight for men)

- Ashe clueless with direction hence taking over from Pinard (whose daughter got married    so inconsiderately on a hash Saturday – hence the absence of Randall, Christine and Risa.

- The girl from Barcelenoa taking it all very seriously, in fact foreigners as a whole taking it seriously.

- Conversations about differing sand paths on the run – Nico liking it soft and sticking by it.

- David Morand preferring it hard and he’s keeping to his position.

- JDE (JTwo girls in one  DTanzania’s capital city, gone there EEasy left short

  before a valley) at walking pace – oh the posh ones are training tomorrow.


Anyway, thinking about all the crap, I was or wasn’t going to write or not write about distracted me so much I lost track of time and we were into what I would term subtropical forest and then suddenly surprisingly near the sand pits and thankfully the ON IN.  I may have said it was short to upset MBH (M-Sounds like what you see with after M  B-Gamble, it’s a mistake  H-Split in the middle) but in truth I couldn’t have handled any longer probably what she says about …………


Hash lime was a mix of freeness both of beer and behaviour.  Contrary to all rumours, it wasn’t through Winfield Aleong’s generosity in this area that we were treated to free booze but thanks to Betty, Martin-by-night and Mike Hale who single-handedly is trying to change the perception about 200 million of his country folk being loud, tight, obnoxious……..


Ending thought – Running in Ravine Sable with its mixes of forestation, cultivation and diverse scenery not too far away from the hustle and bustle of Chaguanas makes one think what a lovely, varied place Trinidad is and how lucky we are to run here.




Results to Easy mini xword type abbreviation game

DD         Drain Damaged

T&C        Tatoos & Cleavage

JDE        Joanne Darwent Esdale

MBH       My Better Half




                                                 Justin’s Junk



Run 689 was a special tribute to Rewat, in what I’ve heard was one of his favorite hashing areas. This was my first time here in the dry season, and while running amidst the clouds of sand that got inhaled deeply into my throat combined with those sand particles that just wanted to infest my eyes, I was left wondering what on earth did Rewat like about this place. After 77 minutes of running around the quarry however the hares eventually set about 3 minutes of the run through some beautiful trails, where the tree tops provided something I like to call ‘shade’. It made all the difference!!



Welcome to the Virgins: Emily Leafe/Gillian Le Blanc/Lisa Lee/Marissa Budhu/Simon Edgehill


Birthdays: Betty and Rod


New Shoes: Justin and Pradeep (who did not actually run in a new shoe, but decided to show up to the down downs wearing one. He received the first ever post-run new shoe award as a result)


Poofter: Femia for missing the run because she remembered to tuck a hibiscus in her hair (on her head) but forgo to pack her running shoes; Filthy Phil for returning to the land where he enjoyed the most success with women on numerous occasions, but only just getting the ‘timin’ right; Rod for being allergic to flour, yet being the first in line to order a roti; Pete Noel who forget the true purpose of the hash, and began searching the quarry for some person called Lawrence; and the winner JP Dumas (whose controversial forwards has been keeping the hash email group on their toes) for bringing two loaded camel packs for every run, and asking his partner to run with one (but not sip), from which to drink when the first one is finished.


Announcements: Payments for Tobago due now! if you haven’t paid yet, pay me!

Fifth deposit for cruise now due. Your balance per person should be at least $5,000 at this point.



DATE:       May 31, 2008

HARES:      Nico, Vagrant, Salma, Zam, Stumpy et al

RUN SITE:  Flanagan Town

TIME:      3.30 p.m.


Travel south on Uriah Butler Highway to Chaguanas, exit at Bagwansingh’s and travel on Chaguanas Main Road keep heading left (east) to Londenville, pass KFC and continue driving. You are now on the Caparo Brasso road. Stay on this road south through Caparo. Continuing on this road you will see an agricultural station by Doorbal Rd on your left. Do not exit but continue and cross six small bridges. Benji Trace is on the right. Take Benji Trace 1 km to the run site. Allow 1.5 hours with no traffic problems.



RUN#  DATE            HARES                                        SITE  

691    May 23rd          Tobago Hash Weekend 1st Run

692    May 24th          Tobago Hash Weekend 2nd Run

693    May 31            Nico, Vagrant, Salma, Zam, Stumpy et al

694    June 14           Andre Ache, Victor, Asha & Lynette

695    June 28           Dhoti Toti  run – CHALO CHALO  

696    July 12            Eric De Silva

697    July 26            Chris Mawer

698    Aug. 09            David Morand

699    Aug. 23            Brian Dookie   

700    Sep. 06            Alan / Justin / Jerry

701    Sep. 20            Vin & Michelle

    Sept. 27 – Oct 5     Hash Overseas – Cruise  

702    Oct. 04            Marlon Newallo

703    Oct. 18            Natasha & Daddy Bratt, Simon, Natalie

704    Nov. 01            Martin Griffith & Ronald McDonald

705    Nov. 15            Dave Blunden & South Posse

706    Nov. 29            Susan Hale & Ghislain Agostini

707    Dec. 13             The Bimbos

708    Dec. 27

709    Jan. 10, 2009