Master:          *Justin Henry -766-4694              Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass:        Risa Mohammed - 752-4447                       ArleneValdez, Ronald Mc Donald

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:       **Mumtaz Amarali -  625-3617 ext 29436       Hash Softies: Richard Marlay –  351-3694

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H)                    

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RUN: #688                                                  RUN SITE: Las Cuevas

HARES:     Mountain Goats                                SCRIBE: Mudda Focker

DATE:   April 20, 2008


Las Cuevas…….a hash close to the beach. These are the hashes I look forward to more than anything else. However, for some reason a hash is never incident free. The weather was wonderful; hashers were coming from all directions gathering at the wonderful Las Cuevas Beach Facility. Hashers were eating bake and shark, drinking beers and playing with van keys before the run. Is it that the runs are no longer challenging to these hashers and we need more difficult runs or is it that these hashers don’t appreciate the competitive nature of the POSHHH.


Nuff preamble…….the hash master did his stuff and off we went….running on the beach for a while then we entered the supposedly ruff terrain. Lovely hashing territory….and those who did the run would agree. For some reason we came out unto the road a couple times even venturing onto the other side of the road with the more hilly terrain. It was a job well done by the mountain goats to complete a run within a tight region on the beach side of the main road…..well done again mountain goats. The on in was a beautiful sight on the beach for most.


After having a lovely sea bath, I ventured back to the hash sight where I stumbled on the hash master. So I asked………How was the run? He looked up at me and his eyes were red, tear filled. So I asked another question….Wha happen boy? I am still not certain if his response was because of his lost keys or having just missed a great run.


However, I know most individuals would be more interested in the bacchanal surrounding the missing hashers. For some reason ten hashers were missing. It started with two missing and the numbers began to increase as time went by. Hashers responded differently to the fact that people were missing. Names started to ring out …Mike Mc Gee……..loud cheers were heard….some hasher’s wives were missing….some calls were made to insurance agents and free drinks for everyone was the cry. A couple Colombians were also missing…. strange that the police found drugs the very next day on the beach. Hashers even had a bar b que in celebration of the missing hashers. Then one of the mountain goats and the Hash Master did the right thing and went with a van/truck to search for the hashers….well that is what we were made to believe.


The evening was very eventful…the hashers came out safely, the rituals were done by the hash master, the poofter was rewarded and the lime at the bar was interesting (ride a Spanish or walk). The mountain goats definitely had a memorable run…..keys were missing, hashers were missing and O Zama Bin Missing. On On to the next run set by Betty (who has also been missing) and the OPP.



                                                 Justin’s Junk



We’ve all wanted a reason to skip Mountain Goats’ runs before; without looking like wimps in the process; Wimps who are afraid of a little hill, or a run that could be longer than 2 hours… Admit it!... I almost couldn’t believe my luck when my car & house keys got misplaced, which naturally led to me electing to stay behind until they were safely recovered.

Some other people had some pretty-OK excuses as well, even if they weren’t as solid and debilitating as mine. Alan for example recently had ligament reconstruction surgery of the knee, but that’s hardly a show-stopper in my opinion. David Dookie also had an alrightish excuse. He showed up at around 5:20pm, but lets be realistic. He still had time to put on his shoes and go catch the pack, but the little wussy just sat there. Anyway, it led the rapid consumption of a lot of beer while everyone else was hashing.

However it wasn’t my lucky day and I couldn’t escape the run altogether. This was due to some combination of Peter Dickson’s lack of knowledge of the trail, and maybe some dawdling by a handful of hashers, I was given the opportunity to view parts of the trail, in the dark, under rather stressful circumstances, as we went looking for the missing hashers.


Welcome to the virgins: Violet Lezama, Mark Scott, Jaime Le Yuen, Ronaldo Robertson, Sonia Ramos, Justin Sylvester, Monica Gutierrez, Sabrina, Jesse Wellington


Birthdays: A Mountain Goat himself: Doon (sp) aka ‘The Flying Indian’


Poofter Nominations: Peter Dickson (Mountain Goat) for losing the trail, himself and 8 or 9 hashers; Justin for missing the run, although for some reason, the crowd voted on Justin being “cute” and, oddly enough, that threw the number of voters way down; and the winner Cecile for misplacing the hashmaster’s keys which led to him missing a thoroughly enjoyable run from the perspectives of the hashers.



DATE:       May 17, 2008

HARES:      Eric De Silva/Flakes

RUN SITE:  Mundo Nuevo

TIME:      3.30 p.m.


Drive East to Tumpuna Road Arima turn right at Traffic Lights drive 3km to San Rafeal Junction turn right Drive 4km to Talparo Junction cross Junction and drive 4km to Mundo Nuevo turn left at John Dillon Trace and proceed to Playground. Look for HHH signs.



RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

691               May 31             Nico

692               June 14            Andre Ache

693               June 28            Dhoti Toti

694                 July 12                   David Morand/Lynette Ramoutar

695                 July 26                   Chris Mawer

696                August 9                 

697                August 23                 Richard and Susan Marley

698               September 6     Allan/Justin/Gerry

699               September 20    Zin/Michelle