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Hash Ass:        Risa Mohammed - 752-4447                       ArleneValdez, Ronald Mc Donald

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RUN: #687                                                 RUN SITE: Palo Seco

HARES:     Derek De Freitas/Cyril                            SCRIBE: Bus Posse Mamba #5

DATE:   April 5, 2008 


Well I should have known better – arriving on time to ketch de bus to go Deep South.  However, I am sure this time a record was set in “keeping the bus waiting”     Gloria, Glory, Laurie, whatever her name is (I think I will call her “Maid-In-Form” as she good at holding up buss) now holds the record. - over 1 hr and de gyul den decided not to come on de bus.  Even Dookie had to admit he get beat and actually wondered if the bus would have waited so long for him – hate to bus your bubble David but “Hell Noooooo!”


Anyhooooo, we finally left and headed dong de road in our colourfully painted bus, being gawked at by dem fass trinis as we pass dem.   Ronald started to panic when he saw we passing the Light House – “I forget my passport – Oh Gawd what ah go do, I doh have a visa?”  It took some doing (plenty beers) but we finally calmed him down and reassured him that a visa nor passport was needed to go south.     3 hours later we reach Palo Seco – why 3 hours you ask – well it could have something to do with the fact that the highest speed for the bus is about 40 mph unless we going downhill; 2 beer stops; the bush fire on the highway which smoked out the bus due to the fact that we could not close the windows; the accident which all and sundry had to macko, good old trini style, as they drove by, causing a traffic jam and last but not least getting loss a few times or at least thinking we loss.


We finally reach to find some strange looking figures covered in mud emerging from the bushes and the strangest of them greeted us with open arms – wait no, that was Chinee Man all covered in mud looking like a dirty Mr. Clean.  Apparently the site was near some mud volcanoes and Chinee Man, needing all the help he can get, covered his whole body hoping it will help to improve his look.   After lulling around a bit Our HM called us to order wearing some kinda aerodynamic thing on his head (he said he needed whatever help he could get to keep in front of Harty – you go Harty! You have dem young boys still trying to get ahead of you and they trying all kind of modern technology to do so, not realizing that all they have to is run ahead without calling, take little short cuts, etc – in other words cheat but, shhhhhh!!!!,  we will keep that to ourselves.  The run went by the mud pool that Chinee Man swam in and then into the what seemed to be a field of prickle bush.  Someone saying they never seen so many pricks on a hash before – what wrong with he – the hash always have plenty pricks.  Anyhow, the run was pretty uneventful for a while, up, down, checks, back checks, on backs, trails leading in 2 directions even though there was no check,.  It was all so much the same in there that we thought we were heading back the way we came.  I actually was feeling this run was going to be real boring when lo and behold we heard the sound of waves and all of a sudden we come out onto a beach.  The tide was so high that it washed away all the paper the, ever so smart, Hares placed on the beach.  I thought that the Hares of the day were “Masters” and would have known better than to place paper on a beach where the high water mark was up by the trees. Anyhow, I digress – people got confused as to which direction to go in as there was no paper.  We were all over the place until the Town Crier came to our rescue and carted us off in the right direction.   We had to fight up with the waves to finally reach an old mud slide, which we climbed up.   The Town Crier tried to send us off on our own – “It  easy to find the On In from here – go in the bush, climb over 20 or so fallen down trees, one with an ant’s nest (he doh know the difference between and ant’s nest and a termite nest), turn right at the 6th blade of grass, through 2 or 10 exes, cross over the broken check, don’t go the way it was broken please or you will get loss”  what the hell! – I loss already trying to understand what he was saying.  Thank God, good sense prevail and he said “Look leh meh go wit you yes”.     We got to the On In safe and sound.  All in All it turned out to be a great hash

Down Downs - There were so many virgins on this run that us long time hashers were worried that all the beer would be used up for thier down downs.  Does anyone know how come we always have so many virgins on a run but we never see most of them again?  Hmmmm, point to ponder – is it the run or is it the hashers that keep them away?.   I was also very happy to see that the Poofter was given to Maid-In-Form.  As far as I am concerned the other Poofter nominees did not stand a chance.    


The after run lime was good as usual, with some hashers dancing under the stars, getting their groove on, to the Hash DJ’s great music.  When the beer done we headed home, stopping at a real nice bar.  Most of us limed on the “upper deck” but you know you kyah take hashers anywhere.  Some of them were throwing drinks at the hashers down below and Betty accidentally threw her drink on what she thought was hashers but turned out to be villagers liming in the bar – good time for us to leave.   The bus ride home was quiet except for the dub music playing at full blast and Justin and Femia dancing “young people style” – great show!    Betty, either feeling guilty for wetting the locals with her drink, or missing her singing cronies Asha and Christine, or simply doing her very first song request (requested by Marley) “Sound of Silence”, curled up in a corner and slept most of the way home – what is the hash bus ride coming to.   


The trip back was much quicker and the bus actually speeded – it must have been a down hill drive.  We did have to stop many times for “p” stops on the side of the road.  Boy those fellas must have real small bladders (hope that is all they have that is small), they can “p” plenty.  Vagrant-at-large even jumped out at a red light to go “p” and we had to leave him when the light turned green.  Don’t worry though, he ran after the bus until we stopped for another “p” stop just down the road.  All was present and accounted for when we reached back to the Squeeze


On On to Las Cuevas


N.B.  Justin finally got a chance to punish me for nominating him Poofter on some run in the past (boy dat man have a memory like an elephant)  He told me I had to write a 1000 word essay on the bus ride/run/etc.  So allyah, blame him for this trash and feel free to count the words to see how many I actually used.



                                                 Justin’s Junk



The whole day seemed to be more about the bus ride than about the actual hash.. As a matter of fact the run seemed to come in really handy for a pee stop and a chance to stretch the legs after the 3-plus hours on the bus… Thank God for the Dixee Chicks however, as Betty was suffering from a major hangover and played only a minor part in the singing on the bus and the contribution of several cases of beer for the drive down. The Dixee Chicks now have my total support for any venture they wish to undertake for those two important reasons mentioned above.


The run was actually set just 2 kms from where I spent the majority of my childhood, and it was definitely great being back. The short guy, from Palo Seco, with the cutlass really outdid himself with the setting of the run. I imagine Cyril and Derek were also involved as part of the pack managed to get lost at a routine check, and this faux pas could easily be blamed on the pair. After a brief, yet effective, session of drinking in the darkness of a Palo Seco field road, we groped and stumbled our way back to the bus in the dark and headed straight to a bar in Fyzabad, where our rapid consumption of alcohol turned the owner of the establishment into a millionaire during the 45 minutes we were there..


Welcome to the virgins: Akila Hosein/Judith Oliver/Gauran Sapiah/Rejeesha Gopaul/Caron Mendoza/Vanessa Burgess/Renate Allun/Jordi/Darren Chookolingo/Bruce Wilson/Luis/Marisol/Danuiela/Luis Junior


New Shoes: Seema


Birthdays: Tasha Thomas


Poofter Nominations: The winner, Lori for holding back the entire bus in Woodbrook for 1 hour and still not making it in time to board; Andre Ache, for indirectly holding back the entire bus in Woodbrook after informing Lori that the bus was leaving Woodbrook at 2:00 pm for absolutely no reason; Jackie, for designing commemorative Red Dress Run T-Shirts, that were white in color with a lady in an orange dress on the front (But Still Thanks to Jackie for the great idea); Richard Hart, (He and Andre are competing for back-to-back nominations these days) for getting lost, and deciding this would be the perfect time, after years of hashing, to finally say “On-On” audibly, resulting in the pack behind him getting lost as well; and Tasha, for throwing away nearly 15/16ths of her birthday beer in plain view of hash master.



DATE:       May 3, 2008

HARES:      Betty and the OPP

RUN SITE:  Ravinesable

TIME:      3.30 p.m.


Travel south to Uriah Butler Highway to Chaguanas, exit left and travel on Chaguanas Main Road keep heading left to Londenville, pass KFC continue driving….road bends right…..continue and turn left at Ravinesable look for HHH signs.



RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

689                 May  3          Betty and the OPP                                     Ravinesable

690                 May 17            Eric De Silva/Flakes

691               May 31             Nico

692               June 14            Andre Ache

693               June 28            Dhoti Toti

694                 July 12                   David Morand/Lynette Ramoutar

695                 July 26                   Chris Mawer

696                August 9                 

697                August 23                 Richard and Susan Marley

698               September 6     Allan/Justin/Gerry

699               September 20    Zin/Michelle