Master:          *Justin Henry -766-4694              Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass:        Risa Mohammed - 752-4447                       ArleneValdez, Ronald Mc Donald

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:       **Mumtaz Amarali -  625-3617 ext 29436       Hash Softies: Richard Marlay –  351-3694

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H)                    

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                                                            **email address : mamarali@republictt.com                                                                                             


RUN: #686                                                  RUN SITE: Chagaramas

HARES:     Justin/Nevie/Numbnuts/Blunden                     SCRIBE: Richard Arrindell

DATE:   March 22, 2008    


It was a lovely day for a hash, too bad I don't remember it........ 

O.K. So I remember a few moments.

The beginning where the cheap ass floppy eared, fluffy tailed hares used Nevie's sawdust to mark trail.  What trail, the sawdust just looked like dirt and debris. They claimed that it was "Whole wheat flour". Who dey bu....itin?

Whey dey get Hole wheat flower.  The start took most of the afternoon to sort out as the hole wheat/sawdust was not any help.  Eventually, the fluffy tail hares had to give hints, which lead us to the hill behind the old "Base" nightclub building. Where we milled about until some intrepid soul found the trail up the hill (of course, up the hill, where else). At top, the trail lead into what was the ruins of old U.S. base roads, well covered in vegetation. There was a lot of fatigue being thrown around, but of course, I can't remember any of it, except that "yo mammy" did this and "yo mammy" would like  to do that, etc, etc.  After various trials and tribulations, we debauched onto an asphalt trail, the hashers proceeded to demolish the Government Pigeon Pea  Farm, lickin' dong bush like peas.  After more hints from the floppy eared hares, it was down the drain.  I forget what happened here.  Then on thru the area where the government planning to build housing and Andre was seen checking out a man. I forget what else happen here.  Later' out of the bush and on the main road, Nevie lost he fluffy tail and the limers on the road bust some fatigue in he tail. Ah forget wha dey say and ah forget what happen at the down-down later except ah swear Betty make a move on me, but Ah kayh remember, for sure. If yuh  need to known more you better ask Justin, like he remembers  everyting.  As he reminded me to write dis trash.


                                                 Risa’s Rumble



It's Easter Saturday and the turn-out for this Chaguaramas Run was tremdous! Was this as a result of the promises made by our four somewhat sexy, playful, staggering, nerdy playboy bunnies? Or was it simply, that  the the runsite was a cool shady spot near the seashore? Whatever the reason, we all gathered for the usual preamble and the pack was off. Our born-again virgin "Pinny" was most present and in true Pinny form, commented on the "whole wheat" flour being used.

The run was almost perfect: hills, rivers, scenery, un-clothed male anatomy and all (ladies!!!). However, the less than perfect score, falls on the shoulder of our hare and dishonourable HM, who seemed to have been w -a a a-y ahead of the pack............or was it that I was lagging behind......because somehow, this time I seemed to have missed all the beer stops!!!!


Welcome to the Virgins: Ruth, George, Nadine, Mark, Jasmina, Rectis, Azelee, Clement, Benoit, Patricia, Shakka, Manuela, Sidney, Andy, Marcia and Akeem


 Poofter Nominatons: Jose & Marie for holding hands & sharing tender moments on the entire run......, folks this is a hash not a romantic get-a-way; Numbnuts (one of the hares)  who thinks it is more important to shop for boat parts on a Saturday morning than it is to set the run of the day (shame on you); Richard Hart for clearing acres of farmland to get ahead of the pack, especially after being warned by the hares......Oh #&%*! !!!!!   THE HASH IS NOT A RACE !!!!!; Pinny  for arriving at a hash only because his "girl" was out of the country. Randall says Pinny was instructed to feed her dogs before 6pm and as a result, he left promptly after the run.........boy....the things men do for love !!!!!!;

Poofter Nominatons continued:


Andre Ache who very much appreciated the un-clothed male anatomy and held-up a line of hashers so he can have a last look..........he said he injured his ankle !!!; Renee (HM's girlfriend) who decided to give Chaguaramas a make-over by decorating the bushes with garbage......the winner: Justin, for being such a charming HM, he should have informed his "girl" that  HASHERS DO NOT LITTER !!!! 


Well done hares and HM for a great run and good time enjoyed by all !!!!



DATE:       April 19, 2008

HARES:      Mountain Goats

RUN SITE:  Las Cuevas

TIME:      3.30 p.m.


Drive along North Coast Road passing Maracas……passing Tyrico….

 next beach Las Cuevas run site  Las Cuevas Beach Facility Car Park




RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

688               April 19            Mountain Goats                                       La Cuevas

689                 May  3          Betty and the OPP       

690                 May 17            Eric De Silva/Flakes

691               May 31             Nico

692               June 14            Andre Ache

693               June 28            Dhoti Toti

694                 July 12                   David Morand/Lynette Ramoutar

695                 July 26                   Chris Mawer

696                August 9                 

697                August 23                 Richard and Susan Marley

698               September 6     Allan/Justin/Gerry

699               September 20    Zin/Michelle




 POSHHH Tobago Hash 2008


It’s that time again everyone. POSHHH Fun & beer filled Tobago Hash weekend.


  • Dates: Thursday May 22nd 2008 (Corpus Christi) – Sunday May 25th 2008. (Friday May 23rd is not a holiday!)


  • Package includes alcohol, two dinners, transport to and from Tobago, transport to and from hashes and hotel stay


  • Deposits of $400.00 Now Due! All interested please submit names and deposits by March 31st. Limited space available so make those bookings quickly


  • Option 1
    • Go By Ferry! We need to purchase tickets at port ASAP in order to ensure bookings. Hash Ferry list closes off on March 31st. Only people who deposits have been paid will have tickets purchased on their behalf.
    • Total Costs:
      • $1,200 (No vehicle)
      • $1,330 (car, station wagon)
      • $1,440 (SUV, pickup)
    • The following information must be provided for people taking across vehicles:
      • A copy of vehicle’s certified copy


  • Option 2
    • Go By Plane!
    • Total Cost: $1,400


  • Option 3
    • Go however you like and stay wherever you like, but still hash, drink and eat with us!
    • Total Cost: $650 (includes maxi rides to and fro hashes, drinks, dinners when they are being served at Johnstons)
    • This option is also limited so book quickly


Sign up soon! Hope to see you there!