Master:          *Justin Henry -766-4694              Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass:        Risa Mohammed - 752-4447                       ArleneValdez, Ronald Mc Donald

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:       **Mumtaz Amarali -  625-3617 ext 29436       Hash Softies: Richard Marlay –  351-3694

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H)                    

Web Address:  http://poshashhouse.tripod.com                   *email address: Justin.Henry@ghl.co.tt

                                                            **email address : mamarali@republictt.com                                                                                             


RUN: #684                                                  RUN SITE: Federation Park, POS

HARES:     Rob and Liz                                    SCRIBE: The Horner Man

DATE:   February 23, 2008 


Heading into Federation Park, and seeing so many hashers wearing red, gave me déjà vu. It seemed like J’ouvert morning in ‘Cocoa Devils’ all over again, even Carla had on her blinking horns except there was no cocoa to smear on everyone. Inside Robert’s house it was like behind the scenes of Meiling’s fashion show. Everyone was adjusting their red outfits as if they were preparing for the catwalk. There were all shapes and sizes… not to mention the outfitsJ. Some wore skirts, gowns, nighties and even underwear to match. I think the ladies were surprised at how the men were not only more fussy about how they looked but that they looked better than most of the women on the hashJ.


As I squeezed my way through the crowd, it was difficult, as the paparazzi kept stopping me to pose for them. Now I know how Britney feels, with all those flash bulbs constantly going off in my eyes, except I was wearing underwear.

Out in the road now and another photo session (geeze I am getting tired, posing for all these photographers). Everyone adjusting their wigs and various forms of zips and straps and according to Nevie, Asha looking like a ninja in a kimono. It was difficult to concentrate, with Victor trying to pinch everyone’s boobs. Not that that is anything unusual. I think Betty got a bit jealous at this point, nonchalantly flinging her red feathered boa over her shoulder.


Finally the On On was called and “to the left” said Robert. Needless to say hashers went in both directions some having two left feet. Around Trinidad Crescent and out onto Barbados Rd. heading into St. James where everyone stopped, having run out of well... chalk. Imagine looking for little purple arrows on the pavement? After causing many cars to stop in amazement, we headed back toward Federation Park and down towards the Army Post. More confusion, and then On On was eventually called across a field and along the Maraval River.


These little purple arrows certainly confused everyone, as half the hash went towards Hollows and half toward the traffic lights in Boissiere Village. By now it was becoming tedious trying to explain to everyone that stopped us, to enquire “ what the hell was going on?” The explanations of “this was for charity” simply prompted more questions, so I started saying that it was “the Annual Gay Pride Parade” which was certainly more believable after seeing all the men in red dresses, especially Peter in his “Tina Turnoff” wig.


Along Saddle Road in the direction of the Savannah, many thought the “Beer Stop” was at the Carib’s Rugby Club. But they were all wrong and had to head back through the Hollows where a wedding was taking place. Not surprisingly, the photographer stopped taking pictures of the bride and started taking pictures of us. Gerry in his rasta tam and dreadlocks and perfectly designed floral dress definitely looked better than the bride. Back onto the Savannah and down toward Queen’s Royal College, we nearly caused an accident as a car skidded, almost hitting the round about.


Around a couple of blocks and through a car park next to 51 Degrees, a bystander looked at Justin and said “Whey dis batty-man come from?” Harold took offense to this as he was certain that he looked normal in his tight red dress. Down now to Tragarete Rd. where an obvious foreigner stopped us and asked “Is this a hash?” We replied yes and his next question was “Where is the beer stop?” We welcomed him to join as we thought this is the sign of a true hasher. So “Bigger than mine” took of with us in his jeans and sneakers and best jersey.


Down Fredrick St., across Park St. and a race to Victoria Square where we heard there was a beer stop. We feasted on watermelon and beer, having run for an hour and a half already. Many, sitting on the pavement looking like a “ladies of the night convention”. Andre certainly looked the part as he did not know how to cross his legs to hide his underwear.


Back on the road and heading towards Cipriani Boulevard. Numbnuts, looking like he crashed head on into a Christmas tree with his silver tinsel wig, agreed that it was better to be lost in a group than by yourself… who knows what you might pick up. Also I think Zam was upset that we couldn’t pass by Murray St. to see if his outfit was working for him.


Heading back along the Savannah now I was worried about so many people who knew us were going to notice. Especially since my negligee was a bit revealing. Audrey made it a point to call out to my friends to draw their attention. Trying to avoid the embarrassment, I sped off taking a short cut through the Savannah and the back streets of St. Clair. Then the worst happened. As I was running by myself, a co-worker of mine drove past me then stopped suddenly with his draw dropped open. But before he could utter a word, I said to him, “As is you dahlin’, I will not charge anything.” To which he burst out laughing and I left him sitting there in shock. Sprinting back to the on in now to avoid any more embarrassing moments, only to find more paparazzi hounding me. AHH... what a life!




                                                 Justin’s Junk



  This will definitely be one to remember. Our First ever Red Dress Run for Charity was a total success and congratulations and gratitude go out to every one that participated. We’ve raised approximately $32,000 for the Living Water Community and that’s surely commendable. All credit for the idea and its implementation should go to Robert and Liz Mullis, and special thanks for them for opening up their home for the pool party that followed.


Although these are the first hares on a Saturday to finally grant their hash master with a beer stop, I was so filthy drunk by the time I got there after stopping at every bar on the way and purchasing beers for immediate consumption, that I was unable to truly appreciate the gesture, two hours into the run. Say what though. I cracked a beer and continued my drunken staggering back to the run site, with a group of hashers, who decided to stop for another after the beer stop as well. Seems I really hooked up with the right crowd. This round of beers was amicably purchased by our virgin-“stormer” James from OK, USA. Also, I think we’ll be sticking to flour and paper for runs from now on, Thank you very much!!


Welcome to the virgins: Ralpha/James/Gareth/Anthony/Kerilyn/Collette/Radesh


Poofter Nominations: James, our stormer, for being on Tragarete road on non-hash business, seeing us passing wearing red dresses, and asking us two questions and making one declaration in the following order: “Hey, u guys are hashers?”, “I’m a hasher from Oklahoma” and “Where’s the next beer stop??” before taking off behind the front pack in his jeans, t-shirt in pants, keys, wallet and not giving a thought as to where we were going and how he was getting back to his hotel and country..; Robert Mullis for setting a ball-buster and for encouraging men to run through POS wearing red dresses..; Justin (Karen Jackson’s brilliant idea for which she will be deservingly rewarded) for completing his 3rd or 4th Stag on the run and placing his bottle neatly, standing up on the side of the road for vagrant collection (Observe at this point I was with the back pack due to my inebriated state, otherwise Karen wouldn’t have noticed a thing); and the winner, Kerry-Lynn, the two-time virgin, for having the nerve to use her cell-phone during a Red Dress Run for charity, as well as being the most desirable person to take off their top, and don the poofter t-shirt, out of all the nominees (I was already bareback at time of ceremony you see). She eventually did not take her top off much to the disappointment of the femininely dressed men looking on, but very much to her mother and perhaps boyfriend’s approval who were looking on nearby.





DATE:       Easter Weekend - March 22, 2008

HARES:      Nevie/Justin

RUN SITE:  Chagaramas

TIME:      3.30 p.m.

Drive west passing Westmall then head towards Carenage passing Kayak Centre continue until you reach KFC run site is the car park after KFC.




RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

686                March 22           (easter weekend) Nevie                                       Chagaramas

687               April 5            Derek De Freitas/Cyril

688               April 19            Mountain Goats                                       La Cuevas

689                May  3          Betty and the OPP        

690                 May 17           Erica De Silva/Flakes

691               May 31           Nico

692               June 14          Andre Ache

693               June 28          Alan/Justin/Jerry



 POSHHH Tobago Hash 2008


It’s that time again everyone. POSHHH Fun & beer filled Tobago Hash weekend.


  • Dates: Thursday May 22nd 2008 (Corpus Christi) – Sunday May 25th 2008. (Friday May 23rd is not a holiday!)


  • Package includes alcohol, two dinners, transport to and from Tobago, transport to and from hashes and hotel stay


  • Deposits of $400.00 Now Due! All interested please submit names and deposits by March 31st. Limited space available so make those bookings quickly


  • Option 1
    • Go By Ferry! We need to purchase tickets at port ASAP in order to ensure bookings. Hash Ferry list closes off on March 31st. Only people who deposits have been paid will have tickets purchased on their behalf.
    • Total Costs:
      • $1,200 (No vehicle)
      • $1,330 (car, station wagon)
      • $1,440 (SUV, pickup)
    • The following information must be provided for people taking across vehicles:
      • A copy of vehicle’s certified copy


  • Option 2
    • Go By Plane!
    • Total Cost: $1,400


  • Option 3
    • Go however you like and stay wherever you like, but still hash, drink and eat with us!
    • Total Cost: $650 (includes maxi rides to and fro hashes, drinks, dinners when they are being served at Johnstons)
    • This option is also limited so book quickly


Sign up soon! Hope to see you there!

POSHHH 2008 Overseas Hash:

CARNIVAL VALOR®’s 7 Day Exotic Western Caribbean Cruise

7 days of fun and drinking aboard CARNIVAL VALOR®  with exciting hashing and scenic stops in Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya, Mexico. Shopping, swimming pools, fine dining, dancing and partying and did I mention drinking, all available onboard.

Visa Information                 Non-US Citizens; US Visas are required

Visit any TTPOST Office with TT$825.30 Cash (No Lynx, Credit Card, Cheques for this payment). Collect Receipt and either visit website or call phone number on receipt to make appointment at US Embassy.

Interior Cabin Options

Option 1: Approximate cost TT$9,300.00 and includes:

·       Round trip to Miami on 27th September, 2008 and returns to Trinidad on 5th October, 2008

·        1 night’s stay in Miami with free breakfast

·        All-inclusive 7 Day Cruise (interior Cabins) departs from Miami on 28th September, 2008 and returns on 5th October, 2008.

Option 2: Approximate cost TT$6,300.00 includes (excludes return airfare from Trinidad)

·         1 night’s stay in Miami with free breakfast

·        All-inclusive 7 Day Cruise (interior Cabins) departs from Miami on 28th September, 2008 and returns on 5th October, 2008.

Option 3: Approximate cost US$875 (excludes return airfare from Trinidad and overnight stay in Miami)

·        All-inclusive 7 Day Cruise (interior Cabins) departs from Miami on 28th September, 2008 and returns on 5th October, 2008

Cruise Balcony Cabin Options

Regular Balcony: First Pick an Interior Cabin option (to obtain your airfare and overnight stay requirements) and then add US$325 per person!

LIDO Deck: First Pick an Interior Cabin option (to obtain your airfare and overnight stay requirements) and then add US$440 per person!

Prices for Balcony options are recalculated regularly, so please confirm early. Also total Balcony payment due immediately in order to confirm booking at stated price.

Children on Cruise (sharing interior cabin with parents)

First Pick an Interior Cabin option (to obtain your airfare and overnight stay requirements) and then subtract US$300 per child!

3rd deposit of $1000 now due.