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RUN: #683                                                  RUN SITE: Couva

HARES:     Harold and Arthur                                    SCRIBE: Ms Lyrics

DATE:   February 9, 2008   


Crap! Crap! Crap!


A Roast!!


My initial reaction to the hash master as he appointed me scribe.

My brain already only working on one cell is being asked to use half of it.


After an excursion to Talparo to collect oranges with Mama Ass and to visit with her old friends, we thought we would end it off with the hash in Couva.  Clearly, we thought that Harold could not possible bugger up this one after so many failed attempts especially with Arthur his sidekick in tow.  Eternal optimists that we are, we meandered on to the hash,  arriving at the hash we were told that the hash was held back for us. Much to our surprise.  We must be really special! ...or is the hash getting desperate?  Shucks guys! you shouldn't have.........I mean .......really, you should not have!?**  The usual warnings and blah blah blah were uttered and off we ran.  Now...........should I embellish or go for the throat.   I am truly stumped. The run was approximately 45 to 50 minutes (and perhaps for the runners even less)  and there were quite a few people who I had never seen before, all virgins.


The run, set in the cane was uneventful, up the road, down the road, through the cane and back out to the main road and back in.  Period!  Big Mac was seen doing good time.  I guess he must have gotten new zest since his #1 placement in the Calypso contest.  I just could not understand why he was always ahead of me.  God dammit, how lame is that!!*%

(am, er, hmmm, scratch head, fall asleep, steups. hmmm...)


As usual, it takes a lot of effort to commit to set a hash and I thank the boys in that department. However,  word of advice to Arthur " GET ANOTHER PARTNER!!" having said that Harold you have stones bigger that what's in quarry and thanks alot.

so folks, that's it in nutshell.


Arthur........easy on the chest exposure it can cause some damage to meh last 1/2 of a brain cell


Well, that's all folks!  on on






                       Justin’s Junk


  Harold and Arthur… Need I say more? An emergency forced us to lift their ban, when the original hares, carded for the date, pulled out. After the run, the ban was immediately reinstated. I was made to understand the run was a bit shorter than the last one they set in Couva. Thank God! The run-site and lime there was great though and Richard De F again entertained the masses with his music. Hasher of the week award goes to Andy for making 3 female virgins come!


Welcome to the Virgins: Plucky 5-yr old Anna, Paul, Christian, Cory, Marise, Ross, Alexander, Quistelle, Kezia, Desiree and Leana. (If I get anything wrong, please blame Betty for her hand-writing).


New Shoes: Alex, sporting a rather leaky pair of Reeboks, wouldn’t recommend them for drinking beer.


Poofter: Harold and Arthur; In my experience when hares get nominated for poofter, its because of an error or two during the run, for example taking us past an X, or forgetting the correct trail etc.. The hares were nominated however for the run in its entirety, from the first check to the on-in and the mile or so that followed the on-in. It was also too great an opportunity to pass to use the double-piped funnel.




DATE:       March 8, 2008

HARES:      Ronald/Martin/Victor

RUN SITE:  Maracas, St Joseph

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


From Port of Spain travel east on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway to the Uriah Butler intersection.

Turn left at the Uriah Butler intersection and proceed to the Eastern Main Rd.

From the East travel west to Uriah Butler intersection and turn right at intersection.


Turn right onto the Eastern Main Road and proceed to the second set of traffic lights. (If you cross the St. Joseph river bridge you have missed it.)

Turn left at the second set of traffic lights onto Abercromby Street, St. Joseph

Travel uphill along Abercromby street and then down hill to cross the silver bridge.

Continue along the road which becomes Maracas Royal rd from this point.

Approximately three (3) miles after the silver bridge there is the Maracas St. Joseph Recreation ground on the right, the run site.




RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

685                March 8          Ronald Mc Donald, Martin Griffith and Victor

686                March 22           (easter weekend) Nevie

687               April 5            Derek De Freitas/Cyril

688               April 19            Mountain Goats                                       La Cuevas

689                May  3          Betty and the OPP        

690                 May 17           Erica De Silva/Flakes

691               May 31           Nico

692               June 14          Andre Ache

693               June 28          Alan/Justin/Jerry