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   RUN:     #678                                                  RUN SITE: Santa Cruz

   HARES: Zam/Justin/Betty                      SCRIBE: A Really Rare Rear Viewer

   DATE: December 15, 2007



When the HM pounced on me whilst I was bringing up the rear end, a place where I rarely am, and commanded that I scribe a rear (or rare) view I pondered long and deep. What the ‘rear’ did he mean??

Did he want me to write about my rear views? In that case:

Justin’s rear is too high

Roy’s rear is too low

Victor’s rear is like a calabash

Mike H’s rear is too tight

Arthur’s rear is, well… non-existent

Derek’s rear is smaller than his belly

Gary’s rear emits strange noises…..


OR, did he want a rare trash - poetically constructed:

“Twas the hash before Christmas and all thru Santa Cruz Valley,

The FRBs were getting quite sweaty and smelly” ………?


OR did he want rarity of the intellectual kind such that only the likes of Martin G would be able to read it….?

OR was he trying to get me to comment on his tenure as HM and the atmosphere that he reared on the hash over the past year?


OR did he want my view on the fact that the pack was reared up and rearing to go on a hot Saturday afternoon and we still had to listen to his pre-run gab and prayer and then wait for some of the macho men to tote huge bags of ice up the incline?


Or did he want a rear view and expect that I does have mirrors in de back of meh blasted head!!!????



Anyway, I pondered again (which I rarely do) on this request for a rear (rare) view and thought: Forget the Has-Been, what would my beloved hashers want?… TRASH! So:


As I rarely do, I arrived early for the Christmas Run. I rarely run this run preferring to arrive for the festivities with a clean rear view and ready to shake my rear at the party.

But there I was amongst the die hard FRBs and to my surprise some of the backpackers, including the infamous SCB, Enrique!

After really too much delay, the hares bullied Timothy into doing the usual BS and we were really and finally, ON ON.

Through the gate we headed (well really where else would we go) and by the time I reached the gateway, the pack had turned left and were heading up the road. That was the last time I saw any of the other hares, i.e. Betty, Justin or Timothy, except Zam.


At this time, I was hearing the voices of several of the FRBs and feeling pretty good but slowly the ole talk lessened and I watched as rear after rear jogged past me.

Due to creaky knees (really), I decided to remain in the company of the backpack but that idea was lost the moment I saw Salma’s and Karen’s rear also jogging past me!


Past the first check and a massive chicken coop (Gary, I rarely do apologize for thinking that it was you smelling up the place) up the long road we went, around the perimeter of some really pretty homesteads and into the bush. Down into a gully with a trickle of water, some stones, mud and more smells and I acknowledged that had lost most of the front pack. Somewhere along this stretch of terrain I realized that at least I was in the company of the better-looking hashers - except Zam, who was apparently commissioned to ‘do the rear’. Their conversation was far more pleasant that that of the front of the pack who seem intent on running, checking false trails and getting back to the run site in 1st. place!

So on the group of us went on, at times catching a glimpse of a straggling FRB but for most of the time, far removed from the sweat and smell of the front-runners.

We did do a complete run - through the bush, on narrow roads, up steep inclines, trudging through muddy paths and skidding along the tracks left by the front pack. There was one point when Zam, who rarely gave us any shortcuts, did mention that if we were to run up a particularly step hill we would be able to catch the front pack. RARE-LY!  Up that hill meant down the hill and into some poor soul’s yard and then soon we found ourselves gingerly picking our way through rocks and slippery stones along a river of sorts. It was along this trek that I discovered that Susan H, Salma and Karen enjoyed getting wet, being pricked and getting battered by odd wood!

I really cannot recall any more relevant details except that Chris Valdez’s gate and house were tightly shut up and there was no beer stop on the O’Farrell property! So soon we came upon the ON IN and as I strolled along I thought that the hares had done a good job, providing enough of a run to justify my partying late into the evening at the party of the season: THE HASH CHRISTMAS BASH.


Unfortunately, I was wiping my underarm and upper lip in preparation for the party when the down-downs were called. I understand that it was uneventful and the poofter information will be advised via the XHM’s comments…..so ON ON to the party.


It goes without saying that my memory of the party would be blurred:

Pretty boys and girls? YES!

Music? YES!

Dancing? YES! (I understand that Christine, Risa et al also did some dancing in the pool at about 2.00am!)

Santa Claus? YES! (presents for the mis-behaving Tobago posse, some others and of course, Pinny)

Santa’s helper? YES! (The breast blinded most of us)

Drink? YES! (really no question here!)

Food? Well YES!  so late that I on the verge of begging by the time the serving started!


The PASSING of the PARROT?  YES!!!

After Rachel’s ( yes, that is her real name now that the HM is a HB!) countdown, which was started over the previous week, the Hon. HM handed over the Parrot to some guy  who was dressed like a pansy in a tight pants and a well patterned burnt orange shirt.

(I almost said: Elvis is in the house! REALLY!)


The takeover completed, the new HM immediately started asking for down payments for his overseas trip! So focused was he on collection activities that he almost forgot to introduce the hash Ass…..

YES! A women back in power - Risa was received with cheers….

(T.S. to the macho men who tried to keep breast power out and welcome back to the true BALLS behind the hash!)


As I sign off this  really rare rear view, I’d like to thank:

The Hares for a good run.

Zam for his hash mastership.

The committee and hard working hashers who contribute so much behind the scenes.

The organizers of the Christmas party, including ‘ de friggin’ Santa and his busty elf.


My parents, sponsors, hairdresser & plastic surgeon…. Ahem, and world peace to you all.


JUSTIN! Good Luck to you………..


The Best of the Season to the POSH3 & Hashers worldwide….


A Happy New Year……                      ON ON to 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





                  Zam’s Zanies



Long ago and so very far away! Run #678 was the perfect run, set by at least one perfect hare, ME. Justin and Betty helped a little. The usual preamble, introduced by that Old Fart, Blunden. Thanks, Dave. Up the hill and down the creek without a paddle, some clever checks and some road running culminating through O'Farrell Crest. By the time I returned with the walkers, the bastards had already drunk most of the free beer. Note to Justin: No Freebies!

Virgins: Nick/Sarah/Patrick/Maritza/Shervon


Nominees for Poofter: Drs. Seebalack and Kassam for an in-depth discussion on a dental procedure while everybody else was checking. Seebalack disappeared and Victor in his exuberance to prepare the Poofter shirt disrespected the HM, so he also got nominated.

It was then on to the fete of the season. Alcohol was flowing but where was the food? An hour and a half later we were fed and ready to rumble. Santa, who comes only once a year, took the opportunity to do so with his helper. Bad Santa, Bad Santa. Presents were distributed to the deserving. The ceremonial Parrot was then handed over to the new HM and the floor was his to name his new Ass., Risa (he really scrape the barrel there boy). Nick was presented with a hash token for the last-minute use of his place. Thanks again, Nick! Good luck to Justin and his new Ass. Thanks to all who contributed and those who attended to make this a great party. Have a Great and Hashperous 2008! Don't forget to delete my number from your speed-dial.
On On-



DATE:       January 12, 2007

HARES:      Fearsome Foursome

RUN SITE:  Tabaquite

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


Head South on Uriah Butler Highway. Exit at Couva flyover and turn left. Pass La Vega and straight through Grand Couva continuing along main road. Turn right at T-Junction in Flannegan Town. Continue for approximately 3 miles and turn left at second T-Junction. Pass through Tabaquite Village and follow HHH signs at road on left, about 1 mile after village.




RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

679                                      December 29                    Justin/Seon/Adrian/Timothy/Kevin

680                                      January 12       Fearsome Foursome

681                                      January 26        Victor Smith

682                February 9       Karen & Richard Hart

683                February 23                    Rob & Liz (Red Dress Run)

684                March 8          Ronald Mc Donald, Martin Griffith and Victor

685                March 22           (easter weekend) Nevie

686                                      April 5             Derek De Freitas/Cyril

687                                      April 19

688                 May  3                  

689                 May 17

690                                      May 31

691                                      June 14

692                                      June 28          Alan/Justin/Jerry