Master:††††††††† *Zameer Ali -6789-172††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass:††††††† Justin Henry -766-4694†††††† ††††††††††††††††††††Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h:††††† Lorin Paton Ė 622-5806 (O)††††††††††††††††††††† Hash Booze: Nevie Boos Ė 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:†††††† **Mumtaz Amarali -625-3617 ext 29436†††††† Hash Softies: Richard Marlay Ė351-3694

Hare Line:†††††† Michelle Girod Ė 622-2204 (H)††††††††††††††††††††

Web Address:http://poshashhouse.tripod.com†††††††††††††††††† *email address: u4ria532@hotmail.com

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†† RUN:†††† #672††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††RUN SITE: Chagaramas

†† HARES: Gordon/Pat (help from the Super Doobies)††††††††††††† ††††† ††SCRIBE: Hawkeye

†† DATE: October 21, 2007


Oh gosh! What a last minute request. Who ever failed the hash should be the next poofter or given down down with pipe in hand at next hash. Is only because the hash master does play golf and he cut we ass real bad last week that I doing this writing.


Well the day started good with 9 holes in chag, followed by juci peeís lasagne and a few beers, then on to the hash under the samaan tree. As we arrive in the blazing sun, samaan tree shade to far a walk from crowd; we suffered, mankind seeking shade from tall SUVís.


Dookie, Dookie and Raymond seen huddled in a quiet corner consulting with blue down but not out senior hash hares. Next thing I know D&D off without R with big black garbage bag in hand. We wait and wait and wait for what seemed hours, cause of the heat, but finally the ON ON was called and we were off in the direction of the samaan treeís shade, then up hill into the forest past Hugginís something. Soon the front pack was calling On Back!Down the hill again past the samaan tree again and not for the last time.


The hash ran the low lands through river, across road, river again, cross road again, a familiar trail for seasonedhashers, then into bike trail country and back on to the road again only to arrive back at the hash site again. I thought that this was a great senior citizenís hash run and we could make an early start on the more serious part of the hash.


Donít forget that I had already played nine and lost badly, spirits down, had a few beers and JPís lasagne. Dehydration setting in, mouth dry like I wake up in the middle of the night after hard lime.


There, at the end of the road was the senior hare, like policewoman directing one-way traffic to the right. I say, similar age, if she could set it I could do it, so off I go slowly climbing the road, an even gradient, past war bunkers one or two, then up hill we really go. We climb and climb, senior citizen passing youngsters along the way, panting, crouching and even sitting in exhaustive pain.


Filtered light through the trees getting brighter and brighter, the ridge top beckons, thoughts of senior setters, easy hash and an ON IN.


No such luck!






††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Zamís Zanies


Twenty-something down umpteen more to go! If you go into the woods too late at night, you're sure of a big surprise! Run #672 turned out a little more eventful than expected. The Hares probably did not recce as much as they would have liked and then they hooked up with a hiker who showed them at least one part of the trail. When we arrived at the run-site, I was briefed on what was taking place. In come The Super Doobies, who had to do some damage control and rescue the run. Then, all was going well and I was only on my second beer when I was informed that we were missing some people. "Is it the Beer Man?" No. "Is it the food man?" No. So I moved on to my third beer. We finally decided to go looking for the two lost women, the guys could stay in the bush. Victor, who is accustomed to looking for things in the dark, was the only one with a big torch and the hunt was on. Eventually the lost posse made it back to the run-site to the cheers of the crowd. They cost me at least three beers.

Virgins: Mark/Michelle/Avion/Sri/Tanya/Katrine/Robert/Gabriel/Ginelle/Tipin/Isasaen/Akila


The Dookie Award : Jose received the Dookie award for offending the very sensitive Brian.

Nominee for Poofter: The Lost Posse, leader of The Lost Posse, Neil Diaz he took it with grace. No, Grace was not with him in the bush.


By this time next week we will be drunk in Tobago. If you have money outstanding, TOUGH! A note on Tobago, the official weekend is November 09-11, free drinks start from Friday and not Thursday (only those on package). T-shirts cost $50.TT for those not on package(if we have extra).


DATE:†††††† November 17, 2007

HARES:††††† Virgins with children

RUN SITE:Tacarigua

TIME:††††† 3.30 P.M.


From POS drive east to Orange Grove Rd. traffic lights and turn left (HHH), proceed to the EMR (Eastern main rd) then turn right and drive to next traffic lights/gas station, turn left onto Dhangraj Street (HHH) all the way to the end of the street, look for the HHH signs. After the run we limin at "Lance Bar"




RUN #††††††††††† DATE†††††††††††† HARES††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† SITE†††††††††††††

674 & 675†††††† November 10††††††††††††† †††† Tobago Weekend

676†††††††††††††† November 17††††††††††††† †††† Virgins with children†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Wahid/Fr.Michael/Victor/Richard

677†††††††††††††† December 1 †††† The Life Guard Crew (Peter Dixon/Doon/Paul/Kern)Maracas Bay

678                                      December 15

679                                      December 29††††††††††††† ††††† Justin/Seon/Adrian/Timothy/Kevin

680                                      January 12 ††††††Fearsome Foursome

681                                      January 26††††† Victor Smith

682††††††††††††††† February 9 ††††† Karen & Richard Hart

683††††††††††††††† February 23

684††††††††††††††† March 8††† ††††† Ronald Mc Donald, Martin Griffith and Victor

685††††††††††††††† March 22

686††††††††††††††† April 5