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   RUN:     #671                                                  RUN SITE: Arima     

   HARES: MEET THE FOCKERS AGAIN                         SCRIBE: The Delegate

   DATE: October 6, 2007   



There I was, at one of the Hash drinking limes, can’t remember which one, there are so many, hashers always find a reason to drink. The sun too hot-a drinking lime, it raining too much-a drinking lime. As a non-drinking hasher I always go along, when invited, to amuse myself. It is amazing when some of these prim and proper folks have a few in dey head how dey behave, and with the price of Movie Towne now dey provide cheap entertainment. Is either dat or stay home and play with myself, Solitaire, Playstation, Wii. What were you all thinking???


Where was I? Oh, there I was at one of the Hash drinking limes, minding my own business, when the HM walked up to me (I knew this couldn’t be good) and start off on a rant, which I assumed was one of his usual B.S. stories (and he full of them), about how in de ole days, it used to be an honor to be chosen to be the scribe, and how a lot of effort was put into what is fast becoming a defunct discipline.” Imagine” he continued “I named someone to scribe run#669, and a committee member to boot, and she turned around and delegated someone to do it for her. I wonder if she does this at home too with her other wifely and motherly duties. Then I selected someone for run#671 and she said yeah, yeah, yeah. A week later she comes back and says she is bogged down with too much homework. What is wrong with the youth of today??? When you give up writing the trash for homework??? There is a fast decay in the moral fibre of our society.”


By now I was very depressed and contemplated a stiff drink as I knew where this was leading. It was either to continue listening to the HM’s B.S. or… so I blurted out “ I’ll write up the run, I’ll write up the run”


THE RUN: By some fluke, the run set by the m……other fockers, turned out to be quite good, not perfect but good. I braved severe rain and flooding to make it to this run. By the time I arrived, the HM and the 20 or so Hares, had finished half the beers. There was a delayed start as the HM claimed he was waiting for the poofter to arrive. After the usual blessing and the preamble BS from chief Focker, Gerry, we were off. I had some reservations as I did the last one from here which was two and a half hours and a lot of road. We headed off in the same direction but then turned back east. Some hills, slippery rocks in the river and steep downhills made the going interesting. The pack split at one time when chief Focker, Gerry, sent the pack down river and the front came out of the river and started running some trail that was run before. De Friggin Ass realized what was going on and led us back on trail. The long awaited ON IN was spotted and we were on for a two mile stretch of road in the dark.


Back at the run-site the beers were cold and Crab and Dumpling and Fish dinners were ready to be served. After we all stuffed our guts the HM called the pack together. There were virgins galore and Numbnuts received the Poofter shirt. There were several new shoes at the run but they ducked out. The die-hards proceeded to the bar up the road where the Ass HM looked like he refused to leave. I just might do the next one.







                                                Zam’s Zanies


23 down 3 more to go! Is actually 6 cuz Tobago is a non-hash weekend and if you count the 2 Tobago runs, then is 7. Oh shit, when will it end? Run# 671 was, guess where? In the East. So it is advisable to leave at 10am, a la Pinny, so I left town at 11am. Good thing cuz the heavens broke and the North was under water. Not a drop a rain at the run-site. We had to delay the run a bit as some VIPs were on the way, Lorin, Zia etc..The run eventually got on the way at 4.15pm. The Hares were all drunk by the time we set off so we expected no help along the way. They look like they even forget where they set the run! But it turned out OK and was worth the effort to get there. Good job by the many hares. Some took time to recover their lost youth on the swings(put there for the children), Samari, Bermudez and Hayden.

Virgins: Reena, Anna, Robyn, Masome(pronounced ma-soh-ma), Shairoon, Alicia, Krystal, Daryl, Pasi, Sami and Kirk.

There were quite a few new shoes but they didn't stick around, only Eric, the Hare.

Nominees for Poofter: Ronald (again), for not helping set the run but showing up to collect his t-shirt. Marie, for allowing the Poofter shirt to leave the country. Numbnuts for taking a ride in the tray of a pick-up and hailing out the HM to boot. Numbnuts got it.

We had some virgin youths who put the FRBs to shame by calling ON ON all through the run but I didn't appreciate them running past me all the time.

Congrats to the C2C participants, Ash, Dave, Gregory and Diane, who placed 3rd in the women's.

Many thanks to Jet Ski for handling the bar once more. This may become a permanent position. Also, keep up the good work Andre.



P.S. Keep those Tobago payments coming in, you don't get your ticket if you haven't paid the price.



DATE:       November 3, 2007

HARES:      Simon Wescott/Alister Martin/Natalie

RUN SITE:  Macaripe Car Park

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


Drive west passing Westmall then head towards Carenage passing Kayak Centre, Pier 1 and Pier 2.   Turn right and head for Macaripe Car Park where you would find the run site.




RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

674 & 675       November 10                   Tobago Weekend

676               November 17                   Virgins with children                               Wahid/Fr.Michael/Victor/Richard

677               December 1      The Life Guard Crew (Peter Dixon/Doon/Paul/Kern)  Maracas Bay

678                                      December 15

679                                      December 29                    Justin/Seon/Adrian/Timothy/Kevin

680                                      January 12       Fearsome Foursome

681                                      January 26        Victor Smith

682                February 9       Karen & Richard Hart

683                February 23

684                March 8          Ronald Mc Donald, Martin Griffith and Victor

685                March 22

686                April 5

687                April 19

688              May 3

689              May 17