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   RUN:     #668             RUN SITE: Cumana       HARES: Andre Ache/Victor/Justin/Asha

   SCRIBE: Sir Hillary

   DATE: August 25, 2007   


Ah … another hash Saturday is upon us. Having missed my regular Saturday ride I was eager to get my much-needed dose of exercise no matter the 2 and something hours drive to “nearly Toco”. Firstly I was anxious to see whether these hashers could pull one off better than the excellent Champs Fleurs hash from a couple weeks earlier. I must admit that if the accuracy of the driving time was to be proof of things to come, this was going to be a very good hash. I managed to leave town at 1:00: PM, stop for gas, a drink and food and even turn back for a stranded hasher (this poor fella was supposed to get a drop with Dookie who eventually turned up to the hash around 5:00 PM!!!!!). Even better, a very picturesque hash sight, on a hill overlooking a beautiful beach with great parking, very close to all the action. Things looked very good indeed! Others must have known this as I even heard a couple say that they had left to come to the hash as early as 12:00 noon. On to the hash blessing by the HM with the “Ganga Boys”, Andre looking like Bob Marley’s twin Brother and Victor looking like Bob Marley s sister with issues. Had Victor still had his pink thong (where did that ever go?) the transformation would have been complete.


Off we went down the hill on to the beach and then on to what can only best be described as a ZIG ZAG hash. Up a hill on to some great but painfully short trails through a mix of mango and lime trees which when combined on a humid afternoon make for a very smelly country atmosphere. We then made our way to a back road where an amazing spectacle was to be seen. Front-runners helping a guy with a van that needed some pulling on to the road out of ditch. Gone are the days when front-runners would selfishly run the hash in an attempt to reach the “on in” first. Then I could be wrong and maybe these were not front-runners at all. Such a display is worthy of some merit perhaps a down down in future runs for deeds as good natured as these …… back to reality, we continued to zig zag across the main road until we got to a rather long road run. There the HM unceremoniously castigated one of the hares for being overly enthusiastic with his method of directing the pack. Watch out future hares, he don’t bite nice!!!!! Any way truth be told the hares kept the pack together and I even found myself running behind a walking Christine on several occasions. We finally got to a side road with fork in the road and a small church congregation with choir in the full swing of the afternoon mass. Hashers being hashers continued to call “on on” seemingly in competition with the singing. Perhaps we need to carry a choir on the hash as the practice of calling on seems to be a dying tradition.


At any rate I was able to catch some of the sermon as I passed, over my heavy breathing, as I was now trying to catch the rest of the pack having done my one an only check for the evening. The sermon spoke about always being prepared and living life to it’s fullest every day. A stark reminder given the recent passing of one of our own.


On through a typical country graveyard, where I couldn’t tell whether I was stepping all over graves or not. Soon we were on our bottoms down a steep hill through a small stream, up a steep hill and jogging through a very dirty beach (unfortunately a regular occurrence these days) eventually to the hash site for a much-deserved swim. On to the down downs. Its great to see so many new faces at the hash these days. The Hash democracy is well in check with the appropriate choice of a very attractive poofter for what appeared to me, to be, for that reason only. Harold got a nomination in absentia as he had turned around on his way to the hash because of work, apparently a no no and I can’t remember if Robert drank out of his new shoes. Perhaps they will get him next time. Anyway as usual lots to drink, good food and good talk.




Zam’s Zanies




20 down, 6 more to go! Run #668 was just the right length for the calibre of run it was. After a lot of hype during the preceding week by one of the "Ganga Gang", relatives of Singh , most likely, we felt like we didn't actually need to do the run. All in all it went down OK, little bit of beach, little bit of lime trees, little bit of bush and plenty of road.

Welcome to the Virgins: Andre/Ram/Fady/Renee/Susan/Cheryl/Mauricio


Nominees for Poofter: Newbie Michelle for interrupting the HM, while he was sipping on a beer, to enquire who was going to drink out of the poe this week. Mark for spreading out his picnic blanket for the ladies to lay on. What is the f……. hash coming to? At least his blanket got laid. Renee for going into the water with ALL her clothes on, and she hasn't got her Hmm wet yet. Justin put me up to this to find out if she is marrying material. The popular vote went to Renee. We still don't know if she got her Hmm wet yet.

LOOK OUT FOR HASH GOLF SEPTEMBER 29TH. Yes this is a Sunday! Start giving your names if you intend to play. It should be about $100.00 including food and some drinks.

FINAL DEPOSITS FOR TOBAGO DUE END OF SEPTEMBER! You can start paying all now as some of you take extremely long to pay. Rooming arrangements coming out by next trash.

A note to Hares, if the run site is not an obvious right or left, a la Pinny, please include a mile mark or distance from a turnoff. Also run site cleanup is your responsibility. Don't overdo the paper and no water bottles to be left on the trail.





DATE:       September 22, 2007

HARES:      Men who get leave (horn) run

RUN SITE:  Claxton Bay

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


From Port of Spain head East to Uriah Bulter Highway and turn right by Grand Bazzar on to Solomn Hochoy Highway take the Claxton Bay exit leave high way, cross flyover heading towards Claxton Bay drive 1km to Diamond Road (at the corner there is a bar called Diamond Recreation) turn right on the corner, drive for 2.3km turn left, drive .4km turn right into Diary Road drive 0.4km turn right towards Quarry or where hares are parked.




RUN #            DATE             HARES                                                  SITE             

669               Sep 8             The 3 Dicks                                             Cumuto

670               Sep 22           Men who get leave (horn) run                          Claxton Bay

671               October 6        The Fockers

672               October 20      Poker/Pat Bynoe/Ben Nivet

673               November 3      Simon Wescott/Alister Martin/Natalie

674 & 675       November 10                   Tobago Weekend

676               November 17                   Wahid

677               December 1      The Life Guard Crew (Peter Dixon/Doon/Paul/Kern)  Maracas Bay

678                                      December 15

679                                      December 29                    Justin/Seon/Adrian/Timothy/Kevin

680                                      January            Fearsome Foursome