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    RUN:    #667                                   RUN SITE: St Joseph 

SCRIBE: Susan Reece                            HARES: Harold/Arthur/Patrick/Lil Jo

DATE: August 11, 2007      



Well, once again here I am in this beautiful island of Trinidad. I am sitting on the front step waiting for my Trini friend to pick me up. My white legs which haven't seen the sun in quite a while are dazzling in the sun, competing with my new sneakers which I hurriedly bought this morning, so I could go on this hash. I forgot about trini time so I've had time to admire the deep blue of the sky above, with its puffy white clouds, the vibrant flowers and the soothing tropical green of the vegetation and trees around. Looks like the rain has let up and we should have a nice dry hash. Eventually, my friend pulls up with a screech! "Jump in man! We have half an hour to reach St. Joseph!" We take the Eastern Main Road to avoid the highway road works and make it to the hash site by 3.30.... good time!


The hash site is at the top of what must be the highest hill in the old historic town of St. Joseph, once the capital of Trinidad in days of old, I am told. Only new modern houses up here though, some very big impressive ones. We park on a steep road which ends at a plateau before going back down the hill on the other side. As we jump out of the car, the view is mind-blowing, stretching down to the south west across the central plains and hills. However, as we admire the view we also see a ring of angry looking black clouds bearing down on us from the north-east. Within ten minutes, the downpour is on us, drenching the 100 or so eager hashers standing on the hill. We have jumped back into the car to avoid the rain, but suddenly, the crowd is moving, running down the hill like a trial of army ants, forging forward no matter what! We look in dismay... well .. we either get out and join them or get left behind. So ....onward, like true hashers ...rain or shine! Within 2 seconds, I am drenched down to my underpants!


We tear off down the hill through the housing development and soon get onto another empty plateau which leads along the side of an enormous precipice, which is not so bad when one realises it goes down in levels. The going is slow as the timid ones pick their way down the stony narrow trail which is now getting quite slippery from the rain and all the passing feet. We go down along a road through a village, more fancy houses and are soon climbing up and up and up again. Eventually, at the top of the development, someone says "Look behind you!".......the view is mind-blowing.....the Caroni Swamp, the Central plains, the Gulf of Paria...even the San Fernando hill. I pause to catch my breath and admire the view. All around me people are huffing and puffing, some groaning, some whining. Some need coaxing with the words "We are almost there... ten more steps!" When we get to the end of the tarmac road, however, the trail goes on around a corner on to a dirt road and...up, up, up again. Some protest vehemently and declare they are going back. I forge onwards...the views and the cool weather have inspired me and I look forward to the bush and wilderness ahead. Soon, we come to an empty house spot which any future aspiring home builder would give his arm for. At this point, the harassed hare thankfully tells the whiners that there is a short cut. I am determined to do the whole hash and head for a path in the distant trees. It soon goes downhill very steeply and most of us slide down on our rear ends. At the end are two young village boys having a good laugh at all the brown bottoms!! Guess what?...up again up about 89 steps (I counted them!) cut into the hill. I admire the people who have to walk up these steps every day! We trudge on up, through more bush and finally reach the ridge. Unbelievably, the views just keep getting better and the coolness up here gives me extra energy. Then down (you guessed it!) through tall trees where we are given the option of another short cut..ten minutes to the site... We decline and run (walk) another 20 minutes down through the development before climbing the hill back up to the site. I do not get in first (need I say!) but have done the whole hash and feel very good. A well deserved beer is in order! Also delicious burgers from a barbecue pit on top of a pick-up! I spend the rest of the evening in good company with these very amiable and welcoming hashers!


See you next time!


ON ON…….to Cumuto




Zam’s Zanies



19 down 7 more to go! Run #667 was dubbed the Redemption Run by almost banned hasher Harold. At the end of the day, I don't know who? or what? was redeemed. The heavens broke, the rains came and Harold's sins were washed away. In all fairness, there was some element of hashing involved, "the Sherpas used here to train in the old days" I was told. The sweeper hares had different versions of where the run was supposed to go but the beers were cold, the burgers hot and the lime bubbling.

Where are all these Virgins coming from?: Vita, Leela, Maria, Lena, Carolyn, Michelle, Maribel, Shelly, Allison, Shiva, Alex, Graham, Gary, John John, Alan, Kenneth and Jonas.

It was Yvonne and Nicolene's last run but they promised to come back.

Nominees for Poofter: Barbs for running with an umbrella, the Hares for communicating with cell phones during the run, come on guys, if you have to do this, you don't get it, Ash for using body scrub and shampoo after the run, Slim for being Slim and Jonas for claiming first place after the race, the Hash is not a race.

Harold was the popular vote, when one hare drinks all hares drink. Some had a little too many rum shots.

Remember Fundraiser Fete for Terrence, September 1st at Harvards, $150.00, 8pm-2am.

A few people still have deposits for Tobago outstanding, final payments due in September.



DATE:       September 8, 2007

HARES:      The Three Dicks

RUN SITE:  Cumuto

TIME:      3.30 P.M.




Travel east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway passing the two stone pillars after Santa Rosa Heights, and continue to the New Cumuto Junction Traffic lights at Wallerfield. Turn right on these lights onto Cumuto Main Road and follow the road towards the Cumuto village looking for the HHH Signs. There will be food on sale, $25.00 a box, followed by a lime at the village bar on the junction. 




RUN #            DATE             HARES                                        SITE             

668                         Aug 25           Andre Ache                                    Cumana (before Toco)

669                         Sep 8             The 3 Dicks                                   Cumuto

670                         Sep 22           Men who get leave (horn) run

671               October 6        The Fockers

672               October 20      Poker/Pat Bynoe/Ben Nivet

673               November 3      Simon Wescott/Alister Martin/Natalie

674 & 675       November 10                   Tobago Weekend

676               November 17                   Wahid

677               December 1      The Life Guard Crew (Peter Dixon/Doon/Paul/Kern)  Maracas Bay

678                                      December 15

679                                      December 29                    Justin/Seon/Adrian/Timothy/Kevin

680                                      January            Fearsome Foursome