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    RUN:    #666                                   RUN SITE:  Freeport

SCRIBE: Ms Lyrics                           HARES: Kevin/Seon/Justin/Adrian/Timothy

DATE: July 28, 2007  



There is a time to be born, and a time to die;

A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill and a time to heal; a time to break down and a time to build up;

A time to weep and a time to laugh;  A time to mourn and a time to dance;

A time to love and a time to hate. 


-old testament : Ecclesiastes



I woke up this morning to a text from a friend telling me Terrence had died. My mind cannot wrap around this information.  Yesterday he was doing better. The prognosis and new methods tried from the day before looked promising. Today he is dead.  It is a milestone that I do not want to accept.  Zam our Hash Master’s plans for a celebration on this particular day would be tempered with our sad news. The 666th run is planned and supposed to be a great hash for liming and the general shit talk but the talk is not of shit , it is of death. The talk is, of saying goodbye to a friend who is always full of  pranks. Always giving a joke, or a pun, or a lime that’s happening or some general piece of information that is important or just a bit of gossip. I seem to be saying goodbye to friends too often now. To quote Barbara, “He sure is round like ah O. So I will remember Terrence by his dear friend’s calypso of 2007 . Whatever that may mean except that it brings a smile and as it has over the years. Many of us in the calypso competition over the years have continuously given our version of Barbara’s renditions for some reason always included Terrence in her repertoire.

 This year’s calypso is no different.


I am at a time of my life when I will see people close to me or those that I have grown to love on the hash go ahead of me. I think life is getting shorter and more urgent. So to those of you who have made such  an impression on my life, I continue to  look forward to seeing you on those Hash days and I would like to say to you that I truly enjoy  and love your company and I hope that we may have so many more before our time has run out.


                          So to Terrence I say ON! ON !  buddy!


It is time to get ready to go hashing and lace up the old dutty sneakers and head out. It is 4. pm and the rain is unforgiving. So we start the run after the general formalities of the hash master. Justin the future hash master is one of the hares along with Seon and cohorts.


The run is in Freeport and in the cane and razor grass and bog. The rain is pissing down and the mud is plentiful.

Confusion is the word of the day and we are aptly confused but jovial as we set out.  The rain is relentless and the mud even more so. All dressed in red as we were ordered to wear we look like OWTU protesters on some March. We can’t run because the mud has attached itself to the soles of our sneakers and they weight about 15 stone each, that is according to Lorin as he plods past me.


The run seems confusing at first, not being able to find the trails or finding it then only to be told by a confused hare somewhat unsure of his checks, to on back since the rain had transformed all his paper into unrecognizable blobs. He couldn’t remember where to go.





The usual expletives were heard, as we splashed through the mud. Over hill and dale and mud and guk we rallied on like good hashers only cussin’ under our breaths some louder than some.

Joanne Esdale not wanting to get her nether regions wet in the bog begged Justin to piggyback her over a swollen stream which he gladly performed except in typical Justin devilish humour he just sat in down in the middle

 of the river like a donkey refusing to move another step with his load.  Jo was up to nooks and crannies in mud and yuk much to the amusement of all onlookers. Jo I assume was not amused.  Justin seemed unaffected that the hash went on and on and he seemed to delight in our misery. It got to the point where people were not checking any more and he was just sending us on the correct trails. The hashers are getting lazier and lazier or maybe just to old to bother. I prefer to think lazier.


We continued with more of the same until we got to the on in.  THANK GOD!!

With sneakers looking more like snow shoes, and mud and guk caked on our bodies we made our way in.


The Dixie Chicks operating the bar were fully prepared to serve the thirsty hordes . Lots of cold beer waiting and so it continued until the down downs.  I remember very little of this except that revenge is better served cold and Justin got the cold t-shirt marking his Poofterhood.    I was happy.


A good effort was made by the hares as it takes a lot of time and dedication to set a run and anyway thanks fellas!!


ON ON…….to Cumana




Zam’s Zanies


18 down, 8 more to go! Run # 666 was a sad day for the POS Hash. Terrence Jagdeo, who was an integral part of the POSH, passed away at age 42. It is still hard for many to accept and believe that he will no longer grace us with his presence at the runs where he was always present unless there was some big fete to go to. Even then, he would hash and then fete. He was a clown, critic, politician and ambassador. He was not only a dry season hasher and he may have been wrong like an O. I am almost certain that he will look after the POSH from that Big Hash in the sky, along with the others he has joined. May he Rest in Peace.

Unfortunately, the HM had to skip the last run as he was a bit under the weather. Speaking about weather, is the Ass HM's head so high up that a rain cloud follows him wherever he goes? Even in the dry season it always downpours at his run. By all accounts, it was a good run, a bit longer than expected but we still had enough time to drink out the Dixee Chicks bar.

The Poofter shirt was grabbed up by the Ass HM before we had time to vote.
Ex HM Dookie was present so his award went to Hanif for being chauffered to the run. Bernard celebrated his 51st birthday. We need to see that Birth Certificate.

TOBAGO has already crossed 100 but not everyone has paid their deposits(70). Please pay up your deposits if you want to be included. We will be closing off the list pretty soon as arrangements have to be made with catering and rooming etc...Dates again-Nov 8-11, $1400.00, Nov 9-11, $1300.00.

A  FUNDRAISING FETE To cover the cost of Terrence's medical expenses will be held on September 1st, 2007 at the Harvard Club from 8pm-2am. Tickets priced at $150.00 includes doubles, corn soup and shark and bake. Music by Harvard Harps, Silver Stars and Popular DJs. Come out and support this worthy cause. Tickets on sale from today.


Welcome to the virgins:- Giselle, Allison, Sherry, Christine, Natasha, Samarei, Sarrien, Kyron, Chloe



Barbara Paton wish to specially thank the team of people who contributed so generously food, supplies and assistance at the last two (2) Monday runs and the after-funeral get together at the Jagdeo’s residence in an effort to assist Terrence’s family.


                   Jennifer Clark Sonja Barneveld          Flash Boos                       Demaris Moss

Rachael Guiseppi     Mumtaz Amarali           Wayne ‘Slim’ Anton         Famia Wesenhagen

Christine Lyon          Nicole Matouk Risa Mohammed              Asha Saith

Salma Mohammed     Susan Bacon                Sharon Balroop              Karen Hale

                                             Denise Darwent


The Jagdeo family appreciated everything that was done. ON ON



DATE:       August 25, 2007

HARES:      Andre/Asha/Justin/Victor

RUN SITE:  Cumana (before Toco)

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


Head far east at the Valencia junction, turn left at the end of that road

turn left and proceed pass Salybia, Balandra, Rampanalgas and Cumana,

on reaching Cumana where there is a NP gas station proceed straight for approximately 2 mins until you reach the Roman Catholic church on the right at the Church there is the Cumana depo road, turn right and follow HHH signs.  If you reach Toco YOU GONE TOO FAR, turn back.


Approximate drive time, 2 1/2 hrs.




RUN #            DATE             HARES                               SITE             

667                         Aug 11           Harold/Arthur/Patrick               St Joseph

668                         Aug 25           Andre Ache                          Cumana (before Toco)

669                         Sep 8             The 3 Dicks

670                         Sep 22           Men who get leave (horn) run

671               October 6        The Fockers

672               October 20      Poker/Pat Bynoe/Ben Nivet

673               November 3      Simon Wescott/Alister Martin/Natalie

674 & 675       November 10                   Tobago Weekend

676               November 17                   Wahid

677               December 1      The Life Guard Crew (Peter Dixon/Doon/Paul/Kern)

678                                      December 15

679                                      December 29

680                                      January            Fearsome Foursome