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    RUN:    #664                                   RUN SITE:  Sangre Grande

SCRIBE: Floggey                             HARES: Larry/Curly/Moe TURURE - The Ongoing Saga

DATE: June 30, 2007 




Summer was just starting and therefore that means time for a Moe, Larry and Curly run. For some reason they still thought it appropriate to send directions and put up HHH signs, despite the fact that every hasher already has Turure committed to memory since all Moe, Larry and Curly runs start here!! Usually the only variable en route to their run site is which parts would be flooded and the depth of these flooded areas…


As luck would have it we were not to be disappointed as the hares managed to ensure that the entire drive from First and Last to run-site would be submerged beneath two feet of the murkiest waters imaginable. I must remember to send them my bill for my missing left rear mud guard, no doubt lost because its intended use was not as a flipper. The leading candidate for the soon to be created position in 2008 of Hash Music, Richie blatantly refused to drive through one particular lake on his way to the run site, but changed his mind when he realized that the beer van was on the other side.


Traffic and mud combined to delay the start of the hash, but finally we were off, after the hash master congratulated the hares on finding the most accessible run-site of the year. Curly took off leading the pack although this was unnecessary since we all knew where we were heading. The hares must really be commended for redoing the exact same trail as last time, and even placing drops of paper, checks and X’s on the exact same spots as last year… No doubt Larry’s GPS was employed to find these locations and touch up the faded paper on those exact spots. Pack was spread out pretty thin at some points, with even the back pack having a back pack of its own comprising of Betty, Ash and Tweety, to no one’s surprise really. Moe eventually appeared out of nowhere claiming that due to late start, they’re cutting out a piece of the run… After a collective yawn by the pack, the piece that was cut out was accurately described to him by those who did the run last year, leaving Moe wondering “How did they know that?”


Run was quite challenging, with some ups and downs combined with thick, shoe-stealing mud and virtually no shade, but unlike some recent hashes it was over well within 2 hours. This came as quite a relief as the last time I had a beer was at the first and last bar on the way in, and this is quite unacceptable due to current self-imposed standards by which I try to abide. After drinking a few, Ronald Mc Donald surprisingly edged Tweety for the poofter title, after trying on a pair of medium Capri hash tights and buying two of them as a result. He also tried to reverse the achievement by calling the hashmaster a shit hound, and while that won him small favor within certain circles of the hash, it could not undo the damage previously done by purchasing the last of the Capri hash tights, and threatening to wear them too. There was some water left back in the cooler, and because the poofter t-shirt was particularly filthy, it seemed a good idea to douse him with this cold water while he was taking his down down.


Action went well into the night, but ended on a sour note as the hash master got into an accident on way home. Please remember to drink everything in sight while liming, but slow down after on way home… There are millions of bars out there to top up while on way home, so no need to get there by the time one beer is done!! ON ON!






Zam’s Zanies



16 down, almost didn't make it to the last 10! The last Hash in Turure turned out to be very eventful with the HM writing-off his rare Nissan Skyline vehicle. Jucy P(a.k.a. Rachel) underwent surgery to repair tendons that were ruptured. All went well and she is recuperating nicely. Thanks to Richard DeFreitas and Pete Noel who were on the scene and helped out a lot. Thanks to those also, who sent their best wishes. On that note, no matter how good the after-lime is, let's be careful out there, we have to look out for the other drivers as they are not looking out for us!
Back to the run which was well set with many and varied terrain. As I said, with such a shitty run-site, you can only have a good run.

Virgins:Tinille, Kamira, Skeita, Sunita, Lisa, Caerell, Pradeep, Kwesi and John-Luke.

Nominees for Poofter: Richard Hart (as usual) for thinking it was a drive-thru bar. Ronald McDonald for insulting the HM with an insult and trying to buy a medium pair of capri tights (for himself). Michelle, Nancy and David for extreme stupidity, setting off 30 mins after the run started and turning back when they were almost at the On In. They were let off as it was the first time they were late for a Hash. The popular vote went to Ronald who had a cool down-down and a shower at the same time.

Taz did a down-down for winning a wining (aerobics) marathon and Naomi (jnr), for completing her first hash without a lift up. Asha take note!

Now for Tobago, the list is filling up fast and your deposit is required ($300.00), to get on the list. Don't check me until you've chequed me. First come first serve, we are taking note of the order in which the deposits are received. Dates are Nov 09-11, if you are coming from the 8th cost is $1400.00 from the 9th cost is $1300.00. For those who say they will just "happen to be in Tobago" at that time, cost is $550.00 from the 9th and $650.00 from the 8th, minus $120.00 if you don't need transport, but you have to let us know.

Next Run is #666, come out in red apparel and horns if you have. If you don't wear red you will be eligible for Poofter.



DATE:       July 28, 2007

HARES:     Kevin/Seon/Justin/Adrian/Timothy

RUN SITE:  Freeport

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


From Grand Bazaar/Nestle intersection proceed in a Southern Direction till Freeport turn off. Turn left at highway turn-off driving approx 5K following all Willies Ice Cream Signs, and proceeding straight through any “do not proceed beyond this point” signs, passing the Willies Ice Cream Factory and El Chico Farm on left. Turn right at the HHH sign proceeding for another 1K to Run Site.


Willies Ice Cream Signs and HHH signs have been strategically positioned for hashers, ensuring that the Run Site can be easily located.


Drive time about 1 hour from POS without any major traffic disruptions.



RUN #            DATE             HARES                               SITE             

666                         July 28           Kevin/Seon/Justin/Adrian/Timothy Freeport

667                         Aug 11           Harold/Arthur/Patrick               San Fernando

668                         Aug 25           Andre Ache

669                         Sep 8             The 3 Dicks

670                         Sep 22           Men who get leave (horn) run

671               October 6        The Fockers

672               October 20      Poker/Pat Bynoe/Ben Nivet

673               November 3      Simon Wescott/Alister Martin/Natalie

674 & 675       November 10                   Tobago Weekend

676               November 17                   Wahid

677               December 1      The Life Guard Crew (Peter Dixon/Doon/Paul/Kern)

678                                      December 15

679                                      December 29