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    RUN:    #660                                   RUN SITE:  Valencia

SCRIBE: Caramel                             HARES: Corkie’s Casuals

DATE: May 5, 2007   


Well, the Casuals’ Hash came and went with all expectations justified as being a, “balls buster.” So much so that in anticipation of this memorable run, T-shirts were printed by the Hash committee, {I Survived The Casuals 660th Hash Run} and sold.


Despite Pinnie’s clarion call for Hashers to depart POS 2hrs before run-time, the hash began 30mins later than schedule but this did nothing to alleviate the sweltering heat which transformed the run into a war of attrition.


When the run eventually started, shredded paper led us through plantations, quarries, rivers, evergreen forest and across a mountain as testimony to the true, diverse nature of a traditional hash run. Needless to say that I’m partisan to this run!!!  While the opening minutes kept the hash together due to some calculated checks and curious hashers seeking ganga farms amidst local, cash crops, as we passed through many quarries under a blue, transient sky, the run opened-up allowing us to head for the green canopy of Evergreen Forest. From here on the runners found their day and forced a divided run with Bermudez, being the esteemed director that he is, snatching the opportunity to direct those behind onto a shorter course for home. Hereby seeking his own interest and well-being under the guise of doing the considerate thing.


For many who made it into the forest, they were able to refresh themselves in cool, pristine basins of Turure River before embarking on a tortuous ascent over a mountain which led onto Cumaca Rd. This is where our Poofter was blatantly chosen. A former hash-master, Dave in his wisdom and understanding, decided that the arrow he saw was really meant to be an “X,” so it was a mistake made by the navigationally impaired hares, in which he and two others thought it was their sole responsibility to correct by running in the opposite direction to the arrow or true run. What they found was the back-packers’ trail which they followed and called ON ON between themselves for approx 2km{each way} or until they came upon an “X,” which was planted for the “O” upon entering Turure River.

I empathized with Dave because he was obviously looking for a longer workout as he prepares to be part of the Casuals’ Team for the 2007 BG Energy Challenge!!!!


Post hash was great with hashers reveling long a night from the sweet sounds from the past pumping out by hash DJ - Richard. The run-site created a lovely countryside atmosphere complimented with the romanticism of Christine’s audible tone, “look at the f u c king moon, how beautiful!”


In retrospect, the hash-run was too long – average 2hrs 15mins but then again, we are experiencing longer days at this time!!!


Hare Scribe:  Lady Di                                     


Dat is hash!  so it was said after the 2 hr trek on Sat May 5.  It started out with Pinney arriving first of course approx. at 2:00 pm and slowly many others pulled up along the very busy Valencia road looking for parking spaces and complaining about the traffic on the way up. It was HOT to say the least, and knowing that the run would be long, the hares wanted to begin on time, several noticing that they each had a bottle of water in hand.  The HM also hinted that down downs were occurring too late these days so we had to get started.  After the usual no this and no that, the run was called.  Pinney immediately darted off into an easterly direction taking with him many dumb followers.  You see, he believed that the start of the run would be where he saw the hares come out earlier, duh…that would be the On In!  It does not always pay to be too early.




Off we went into the bush behind the cars on the opposite side of the road.  Everything was going well, some didn’t want to touch water too early over a simple river crossing, others reached an open road heading up a small hill and could not recognise what an X looked like.  So the hares had to help.  Seems like we were having trouble with those marks that day, just as we came into the open field,  FIRE…where the hell was the check? It seemed that some of our neighbours felt threatened and burnt it.  So Ash (no pun intended) called On On to head in the right direction. There were several short cuts being made, in between the farmers’ vegetation and another X was missing so once again we called On On left around the field.


This time there was no choice but to cross the river by the barrel of maggots and up and over, another clearing and now a road with some long on backs.  Dookie found the paper to the open quarry and as far as I understand Tosca made a very long trek into an on back, really made for Hart who was absent on a casual run, hmm? 

This pack was really not checking and way out of it as in the quarry again stood everyone looking on or simply catching ‘dey’ breadth...if only they knew what else was to come. A very long run over a dusty dirt road surely stringed out the pack, but it was not over yet, the best was yet to come.


The early packers crossed the main road into the second phase of the run carrying them quickly into covered brush and to the river bed with clear cool water that helped wash away the heat of the day.  Some did not want to move, while tall dark & havesome and others hastened to look for the trail.  Several times the hares had to remind them that it was in fact a check, so we once AGAIN pointed them in the right direction.  Another pristine clear pool around the corner and up river we went.  At the fork of the river there was a checkL oh oh…On Up and out of the river..or up and over as the Corks would say, down onto Cumaca rd.  All the way down to the On In (which Pinney saw for the 2nd time) and back to the bar. 


Funny how things could come back to you! Earlier, at the start of the run Joanne was seen wearing the poofter jersey for Justin who got it at the last hash (bad omen). The latter ended up doing dbl checks in the quarry and on the road.  Dave followed Tosca who took an arrow for an X into an extra 20 min run (as if it wasn’t long enough) Dave however got the poofter instead of Tosca, who hopefully paid for it with that v/long quarry check; and the last hashers to return to the bar at 2:32 hrs.  But not the last to leave the bar way into the night to the dance songs of dj Rich def.


On On to Rincon



Zam’s Zanies

12 down 14 more t-shirts to go! Some people say blessing the Hares and the Run is a waste of time. There were 2 runs that were not blessed for the year Roy's in Santa Cruz and this one, look what disasters they turned out to be! If I had known how long this run was going to be, I would have started training for it last year! In fairness to the hares, they claimed they had a nice run until R.B. cancelled his flight and stepped in as Technical Consultant. Pinny escaped poofter(once more) for calling On In twice during the middle of the run whilst describing the trip he has planned to the French Islands, Aruba, Curacao and Margarita.

Virgins: Karen, Dorothy, Gail, Erleane, Ryan, Ryan, Don, Russel, Nick, Sayardeen and Ralph.

Dave ensured that he be awarded Poofter as Joanne ran in the shirt so he had to do something really stupid which was running backwards in the opposite direction of an arrow. Hope Bruce doesn't put any arrows in the BG Challenge! Good Luck to all entering the BG.

The following are On On to Jamaica, let me know t-shirt sizes and we are still entertaining designs. Itinerary and rooming details soon.

  1. Lorin and Barbara Paton                                      11. Egbert Awai
  2. Alastair and Zia Paton                                         12. Dexter Anderson
  3. Justin and Timothy Henry                                    13. Dexter Garcia
  4. Zameer Ali and Rachel Giuseppi                           14. Elizabeth Agostini
  5. Asha and David Jamison                                      15. Terrence Jagdeo
  6. Peter Thomson                                                  16. Robert and Paula Lambie
  7. Susan Hale                                                        17. Victor Smith
  8. Nicole Matouk                                                    18. Brian and Sandra Dookie
  9. Michael Matouk                                                  19. Raj Dukharan
  10. Andre Ache                                                        20. Kadiran Nicholas

Final Payments are due ON ON

   De Fete of De Year – Friday 25th May, 20077.00 pm to 2.00 am   $100.00

   Venue – Betty & Hanif (10 La Sagesse Road, Santa Cruz)

   (check Lil Joe/Teheli/Marguerite/Diane/Betty/Joanne for info)


   Best of Luck and Fun to Corkies Casuals and the Dixie Chicks who are participating in the BG Energy Challenge


   Moon Light Run – Wednesday 6 June, 2007 (the night before Corpus Christi) – Chaguanas,Holy Prep School7.00 p.m.



DATE:       June 2, 2007

HARES:     Peter Dixon

RUN SITE: Rincon

TIME:      3.30 P.M.



Proceed on North Coast Rd. passing Maracas Beach on left.  Continue driving until you come to Rincon Trace on the right, which is before Las Cuevas.  Turn right onto Rincon Trace and drive until you come to the fork.  Keep right at the fork and follow track to run site.  Look out for HHH signs.   Blue food on sale after the run. 




RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                        SITE             

662                         June 02                    Peter Dixon                                  Rincon

663                         June 16                    Hash Overseas (alternate run Keith Neives/Gerry/Derek)

664                         June 30                    Larry/Curly/Moe

665                         July 14                    Eric De Silva

666                         July 28                    Kevin Matthews

667                         Aug 11                     Harold/Arthur/Patrick

668                         Aug 25                     Andre Ache

669                         Sep 8                      The 3 Dicks

670                         Sep 22                     Men who get leave (horn) run

671               October 6                 The Fockers