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    RUN:    #659                                   RUN SITE:  Blanchisseuse

SCRIBE: Tantie Merle Pinkey               HARES: The Hash Warriors

DATE: April 21, 2007 


So we brave some real bad road last Saturday to head down to Blanchisseuse for de run. It wasn’t long pass Las Cuevas that we realize exactly where dey need to spend some of that $600 million. Somebody shoulda invite Colm on dat run. I tell myself dat I had to tell Tantie to write some article to dem papers to complain. Well the hares organize a real scenic meeting point. House on a cliff, steps down to the beach through a cave, deck above de water… ah was just about to take a little sea bath til Zam start shouting Hash HUSH.


De hares start to warn us about some 3hr hash with a point of no return and to look out for some mating birds. When Pinnie hear that, he get real excited one time! Ah not sure if it was some other birds he was thinking about or if it was just de closest ting to some action de man get for some time.


So we set off up a hill through some bush and ten minutes later came to a water stop. I have to say I didn’t expect that but ah take ah drink and set off to get to the ‘Caribs’ at the end….Not long after de water stop we came to de !Point of no Return! To the faint hearted it was quite a drop. A serious descent in dust and bush complete with big biting ants. It was definitely the highlight of the run especially for Pinnie who didn’t get to see any mating birds.


We reach back at the run site and head straight for ah sea bath or as Nevi put it ah ‘sea weed’ bath. The water looked much nicer than it felt so the bath was short and we head up to the house for ah hose down…At this point we got to tune into the last few overs of the Windies last world cup match and Lara’s last match… It was a close finish with England taking the game with two balls left to play. A sad end to the West Indies world cup performance but no worries we had plenty of Caribs to drown our sorrows. There was hot corn soup and bake and shark frying right there, we couldn’t ask for more. I cah remember de last time I pay $10 for a bake and shark but I wasn’t fussing. My gyul wanted to leave early so I cah say what happen at the end of the night but I sure nuttin too scandalous, knowing dem hashers, dey probably just drank out all the beers at the run site and then headed to a bar to drink some more beers.


On On to Talparo





Zam’s Zanies


11 down 15 more t-shirts to go! Run #659 was at one of those sites where you say "let's skip the run and just lime". I don't think the hares would have appreciated that when they hustled me to get the run started. That could only mean it was going to be a 2+ hr run, but we were pleasantly surprised that it ended when it did. Some familiar terrain down steep hillsides and back up again. A good effort by the hares with a beach thrown in for good measure. We were treated to Original Lisa's Bake and Shark for which the HM had to wait once more for the line to go down for the down-downs to proceed.


Virgins: Candace, Margaret, Jocelyn, Abigail, Shad and Paul.


The Dookie award was given to Nancy Dookie. Nevie and Lois had boodoop days.

Nominees for Poofter were Harold for asking if there was any inside parking for his bike and Justin for insulting two past female HMs with insults. Pinny almost got nominated for wanting to know how many goals the West Indies scored. The popular vote went to Justin.


The Hash is taking up collections in support of a charitable cause that we are helping out in. Any contributions are welcome. Give to Nevie.


“Hashers Who Could Cook”        Saturday 12th, May, 2007    Venue: UWI Social Club

Tickets $100.00 (6 meats and 4 side orders)

There is still room on the International Cuisine Team (check Justin if interested)



Final arrangements are being made for JAMAICA and the last payment will be due May15!



Fun Rally – Sunday 20th May, 2007        Registration $300.00 per car

Teams could consist of Driver and Co-Pilot (maximum four persons per car)


De Fete of De Year – Friday 25th May, 20077.00 pm to 2.00 am   $100.00

Venue – Betty & Hanif (10 La Sagesse Road, Santa Cruz)

(check Lil Joe/Teheli/Marguerite/Diane/Betty/Joanne for info)





DATE:       May 19, 2007

HARES:     Richard McCarthy/Erick De Silva

RUN SITE: Talparo

TIME:      3.30 P.M.



Travel east on Churchill Roosevelt highway to Arima ,on passing UTT turn right at traffic lights heading on to Tunpuna road heading south towards Talparo junction always keeping on your right and following the hhh posters. On reaching Talparo junction proceed straight into Mundo Nuevo village turn left into Joelton trace and proceed to Cemetery trace to run site. Note this journey takes 1 and 3/4 hour form highway and please walk with water. 




RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                        SITE             

661                         May 19                    Richard McCarthy/Erick De Silva         Talparo

662                         June 02                    Peter Dickson

663                         June 16                    Hash Overseas (alternate run Keith Neives/Gerry/Derek)

664                         June 30                    Larry/Curly/Moe

665                         July 14                    Eric De Silva

666                         July 28                    Kevin Matthews

667                         Aug 11                     Harold/Arthur/Patrick

668                         Aug 25                     Andre Ache

669                         Sep 8                      The 3 Dicks

670                         Sep 22                     Men who get leave (horn) run

671               October 6                 The Fockers