Master:          *Zameer Ali -6789-172                            Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass:        Justin Henry -766-4694                           Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:       **Mumtaz Amarali -  625-3617 ext 29436       Hash Softies: Richard Marlay –  351-3694

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H)                    

Web Address:  http://poshashhouse.tripod.com                   *email address: u4ria532@hotmail.com

                                                           **email address : mamarali@republictt.com              


RUN:#657                                 RUN SITE: Mayaro

SCRIBE: Martin by Day                             HARES: Justin/Timothy/Seon/Kevin/Michael

DATE: March 24, 2007



"Come to the Hash on Saturday" they said.  I was promised a beautiful beach, great weather and a decent run followed by liming into the early hours under the moon and stars on Trinidad's east coast! The reality: two and a half hours, in sweaty traffic (and the pressure of searching for a petrol station, with gas, but without a queue as we got further away from POS). And, as we finally approached Manzanilla... the heavens broke, and monsoon Mayaro-style for the next ten hours straight! We jumped out of the car as some instructions, of dubious relevance, were shouted out to the masses by Oh-Zam-Ah and with my laces barely tied, we were on on! Suspicions were confirmed and mass confusion reigned for the next thirty minutes. The hares were as confused as us as we stumbled across the On In (on in-tentionally?!),  but it was not to be. Now was the turn of the steeplechase specialists, leaping across smelly, fast flowing, black ditches. White trainers and socks

became black. Once all our noses had been offended and all other hash-senses disorientated we hit the road (rain still lashing down), to cross over and up the hill.  We headed inland and uphill across burnt land, past goats and into bush proper. Now for some better running? Only problem was that paper had dissolved and flour long-ago washed away. Anyway, front runners got into their stride and lead the way for the masses of drenched hashers. Then the toughest bit: " Mount Clay" (ele 400ft). We struggled up this as our trainers became yellow clay clogs! Slipping and sliding, we all made it and

the view gave hope that the end was nigh: we could see the sea! From here instinct took charge of route choice and hares were ignored-rightly so!!!  Only now did they know where they were too. Slowly, we made our way down, criss-crossing a few fields before the on in and a beach run back to the drenched run-site. The swim in the sea made no difference, as we were all soaked. But now came the time for internal soaking of an alcoholic kind.


Food and drink flowed before down-downs. Hares were ridiculed and heckled, virgins de-flowered, etc, etc...And so on long into the night...


ON ON to Blanchiesseuse





$ Oldies but Goldies

HASH MASTER : GARY DARWENT                               Asst Hash Master : Darin Marshall

RUN NO : 388                                      SCRIBE: Nick              RUN SITE: Santa Cruz             

HARES: Dad, Uncle Wayne & Me                        DATE : April 18, 1998


As I am spending the night with Mummy, the timing seems propitious for me to write you this short note.  You know Dad, with all these sub-20 nubile females traipsing in and out at your place, even a little guy like me can get distracted.  Just remember Dad, sub-20 is closer to my age than yours! Some of these chicks are known Thespians who have perambulated me and even encourage me to masticate.


Well Dad, after the experience on Saturday I don’t know if I still want to grow up to be a Hasher like you.  I just don’t know what went wrong.  I did exactly as you told me to, while you stayed in the car – doing what?  I don’t know – with Lolita or Lorena or whatever.  I went into the bushes and every time I had to take a piss, I put a circle.  As you notice I had to pee more often at the start of the run.  Then, when Uncle Wayne came looking for me, his bag of paper had a hole in it and ended up laying another trail, parallel and quite close to mine.  I hope that this didn’t cause any problems. With all those bigshots on the Hash if they had given us directional paper anyone would have been able to tell that the trails were running in opposite directions!  Poor Uncle Wayne, after he met me he wawe just as lost as I was, so we kept going over the same trails over and over again.  Eventually we found our way back to the car where you had this totally exhausted look on your face – from what? I don’t know -  go fig – her.


However, Dad, everything worked out all right in the end.  Because of the confusion, it made it look like we intended to keep the pack together, Ha! What I have realized Dad is that laying a trail takes a lot of effort. If you had put the same amount of effort as you do in the other kind of laying we would have had a super run.  Mapping out the trail also helps.


Zam’s Zanies


9 down 17 more t-shirts to go! Run #657 was like any other in the dry season, brilliant sunshine and cool coastal breezes. The after-lime was also un-eventful, nobody got beaten over the head with a hammer or refrigerator

door and nobody fell off their chair from drinking all night. The hares did well to keep the pack together or was it the light intermittent drizzle? In future, hares more water and mud. A good effort for the location.


Virgins: Moira, Melissa, Anna, Ryann, Tia, Maryann, Abdelys, Kailey, Keston, Nicholas and Steve.


The Poofter was given to Jack and Lori for fornicating on the trail. We had to use certain implements for their down-down to keep their lips apart.  Lorin could have gotten Poofter for not letting Moira run past him for the entire run.  Welcome back Potters.


Thanks again to Blue Waters for the sponsorship of bottled water.


QA note on the overseas tour to Negril, Jamaica, June 15-19. The cost for this all-inclusive package is $6500.00TT. A decision will be made today if we are to continue with this tour. Stay tuned. Q




DATE:       April 21,2007

HARES:     The Hash Warriors

RUN SITE: Blanchisseuse

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


Proceed on North Coast Rd. towards Blanchisseuse.

Look for HHH sign on lampost on left, also #191 approx 200 meters before Surfs Country Inn.



RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                        SITE             

659                         Apr 21                     The Hash Warriors                         Blanchisseuse

660                         May 05                    Diane/Ivan/Robert

661                         May 19                    Richard McCarthy/Erick De Silva

662                         June 02                    Peter Dickson

663                         June 16                    Derek De Freitas/Cyril

664                         June 30                    Larry/Curly/Moe

665                         July 14                    Eric De Silva

666                         July 28                    Kevin Matthews

667                         Aug 11                     Harold/Arthur/Patrick

668                         Aug 25                     Andre Ache

669                         Sep 8                      The 3 Dicks

670                         Sep 22                     Men who get leave (horn) run

671                         October 6                 The Fockers