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RUN:#655                                   RUN SITE: Grosvenor estate, Coalmine

SCRIBE: Harry Potter                       HARES: Nevie

DATE: February 24, 2007


I arrived at the run site late.  The run had gone already but I observed Mike taking a cool-out waiting for what would turn out to be a big loop, and the runners/walkers/crawlers passing right back near the start of the run. Just left, he said “you can catch them if you turn left somewhere further up the road”; that left I never saw.


Eventually, I found the pack and the run now started. We headed into the forest onto a not so slippery trail. Jerry was there in is carnival costume, heaven knows why? Looking silly and running with a limp. The trails were very well marked and there was no special tricks on this run, except for the end where half of the runners/walkers and crawlers found themselves back at the run site, not knowing there was a big section still to be done. It was obvious to them that Nevie forgot to put the ON IN sign.


So there was a premature start of beer drinking. Randall got a trophy for the “Sailors Unsure” band. The trophy even had the blimp on it. Well-done Bernard for the design!


One mishap, a bug was exterminated and it was towed away. After the down downs we all went to the PNM Meeting, which was being held at the Coalmine Junction. Thru PNM style, all the beer was done, no more T-shirts, no more bailer, no more roti, so I left. All in all, very good run and lime and after lime.






Zam’s Zanies


7 down, 19 more t-shirts to go. A lot of effort was put into finding a new and different location for the last run set by the Three Stooges. Too bad Robert had to hook up with this bunch. In future, special awards will be given to Hares who seek out new terrain. All in all, a good effort, we haven't had a multiple trail run for some time. With Nevie, anything can happen.


Virgins: Stacy, Marissa, Katija and Marcus (apparently a popular name in Germany).


The Poofter was WON by Jimmy for creating the Exxon Volkswagon.


Randall received a presentation on behalf of Christine for the Pretty Band.


Farewell to Gillian.


Win prizes for t-shirt designs for both the Overseas and Tobago Hashes.

Overseas Jun 15-19, work with Jamaica and Grenada on the design.

Tobago Nov 9-12, work with Tobago on the design.


Remember Run-site clean-up is the responsibility of the hares.

Bottles left on the trail gets automatic Poofter.





DATE:       March 24,2007

HARES:     Justin/Timothy/Seon/Kevin/Michael

RUN SITE: Lewis and Sucre Street, Mayaro

TIME:      3.30 P.M.


Drive through Sangre Grande, Manzanilla, Ortoire and then on wards to Mayaro. After passing the Ortoire Primary School and Cemetery on your right look out for the sharp bend. Continue driving for about a mile and drive pass the Ice Factory on your right and Rabita Avenue on the left. A Further half mile will bring you to the Grocery on your left. Right after the Grocery is Lewis and Sucre Street – turn left and drive to the beachfront. Look out for the HHH sighs. If you see Republic Bank, the Market, Mayaro Health Centre you missed the Run Site unless you coming through Rio Claro.




RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                        SITE             

658                         Apr 07                     Hayden Als/Barry Ferreira/Taz

659                         Apr 21                     The Hash Warriors

660                         May 05                    Dianne/Ivan/Robert

661                         May 19                    Richard McCarthy/Erick De Silva

662                         June 02                   

663                         June 16                    Derek De Freitas/Cyril

664                         June 30                   

665                         July 14                    Eric De Silva

666                         July 28                    Kevin Matthews

667                         Aug 11                     Harold/Arthur/Patrick

668                         Aug 25                     Andre Ache

669                         Sep 8                      The 3 Dicks