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Hash Ass:        Justin Henry -766-4694                           Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

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RUN:#653                                   RUN SITE: Charlotte Ave, SANTA CRUZ

SCRIBE: DFA                                   HARES: Roy, T.P.F.O. and Asha, T.P.F**.O.

DATE: February 10, 2007


The run was set in the pristine Santa Cruz valley.  The site of many previous hashes and fond memories of after hash post mortems.


We arrived to be greeted with some frantic last minute adjustments by Asha who was apparently the other hare.

Roy, TPFO then drew the crowd to attention, by-passing the HM who was titivating somewhere with JP and forgot about his duties.  From his introduction it appears that he (TPFO) had some difficulty with the other hare, which caused him to drink, and lose his credit card. He did not elaborate and we did not ask. That being said, we were then commanded no less, to enjoy the hash, and without further delay apart from some interruption from the HM who tried to regain some semblance of control and was of course totally ignored by TPFO; we were on our way.


We started west to the quarry up and down a steep hill that then led back through the hash site then along some roads off- track to the river.  Was this really a river in Santa Cruz?  We hashers have a love/hate relationship with water/rivers. This river was more on the hate side because of the state of it. Let us just say, that pristine is not a word one would use to describe this sucker. Following several ‘river’ interludes we were mainly on the road. This had more of the feel of a Monday run than of a Saturday. Finally after an excellent false trail that caught most of the front pack, we came to the ONIN and Harry.


Not much can be said except more hares and local support maybe. The pick-up posse were very impressed with the view, ‘Eye Food’ that is and wished to commend the hares. The après hash was as always good fun. We hashers are such a forgiving lot.  Give us a cold beer and a hot roti and allow us to talk shit for hours on end to anyone dumb enough to listen and we go home smiling from ear to ear.  There was lots of cold beer, not so much roti, but plenty shit talk and Tomfoolery.


And so it was to end that night with smiles as so many others before.  ON ON


                            Zam’s Zanies



5 down 21 more t-shirts to go!


Well the HM was a little bit under the weather and had to force himself to make it to the run. After an Rx stop and

arriving at the run site and looking on at cars being pulled out of ditches, Roy took matters into his own hands, wanting to get the run out of the way.  After the preamble he called On On and set off on his own but you could see the hesitant looks on faces, not wanting to go after Roy, as he has a way of getting lost. 


Virgins: Adria, Danielle, Ronda, Katia, Anna, Stewart, Gordon, Justin, Rene, Ricardo, Duane and Niklas. Two other virgins Rebecca and Rashelle showed up after Justin finished the down-downs and had to be initiated. The Poofter was given to Andre for wearing tights on the run, with friends like Justin you don't need enemies.  Allyuh see, allyuh make Naureen buy a pair of shorts. I kinda liked the orange skirt.









RUN:#654                                              RUN SITE: Caribs Rugby Club

SCRIBE: Vagrant at Large                          HARES: Justin and Betty (Macro and Micro)

DATE: February 17, 2007 (Carnival Saturday)


I expected the pre-Calypso Hash to have rather a small turnout. Between Carnival traffic engineering, the ”Bajan Evasion”, and future entertainment divas and maestros not wanting to impair their vocal cords yelling “On-On” - it seemed like it might be a small group . In the end though, a pretty fair size crowd was prodding the hares to get off their keysters and quit pretending they were helping with the Calypso setup. The hares, Macro and Micro, eventually disappeared in a flash of powder as if in preparation for Sailor’s Unsure.


The scenic route chosen was immediately apparent as they took us down the road from the rugby club to view the multitude of driver’s figuring out 2-way traffic around the Savannah. We were treated to way more cussing there than normally heard on a Hash. It sounded like someone had stepped on Roy’s parts.


The Hash traffic was not doing much better than that on the Savannah. We eventually sorted out and headed through the botanical gardens where the hares had set a confusing array of false trails on some nasty hills. We made it through and headed up the hill at the back of the gardens. Twisting here and there and bitching about the climb we were finally spared further altitude and worked our way down to the back of the zoo. There we were regaled with creature shrieks, squawks and cries in the preliminary session of the Calypso competition. We never caught sight of the fleeing hares although we were later told they did have a view of the pack.


A nasty check kept the pack back as we left the zoo. The HM worked out the course – no doubt he had inside information. We passed round the back of the rugby club where unexpectedly the gathered field of support was heard to yell “Go Mommy”.  We were then back to view the same cars parked around the Savannah. The pack started to spread out as we zigged and zagged our way through St. Clair. Fears grew that we were headed in the wrong direction and cold beers might remain unattended. Soon we were homeward bound however. We reached the On-In and edged along the Savannah back to the rugby club.


“Current gone” did not slow down the lime although many people disappeared to clean up for the night’s extravaganza. Cold beers tasted fine. I found the larger cups a striking innovation. From the parking lot the party continued into the men’s shower where it was described as “3 burley naked men splashing together in the dark”. Rumours of  Nevy’s Mammy’s presence remain unfounded.


Good work by the hares. It was a well-set run that didn’t destroy us prior to the fete.


Zam’s Zanies


6 down 20 more t-shirts to go!


What better way to spend a cool Carnival Saturday afternoon than running through the streets of POS while the

Savannah is looking like a parking lot? The run, set by Betty and Justin, covered some familiar terrain. There were a lot of SCB s coming off of Chancellor noticed by the HM as he was on the correct trail(as usual). Later in the run minds were moving faster than bodies as the heat was taking its toll. A good run followed by the Hash Kaiso.

Cheers to all the competitors who were all winners this year even the ones via satellite. A great time was

had by all who partied late into the night. Dust in yuh face!   ON ON


In Memoriam: Peter Rees-Watkins May 01, 1944- Feb 28, 2006.



DATE:     March 10,2007

HARES:    Numbnuts

RUN SITE: To be advised at a later date (yes, before March 10)

TIME      3.30 P.M.



RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                        SITE             

657                                  Mar 24                    Timothy/Justin

658                         Apr 07                     Barry Ferreira

659                         Apr 21                     Jimmy Fifi

660                         May 05                    Dianne/Ivan/Robert

661                         May 19                    Mary/Christine/Sonja

662                         June 02                    Richard McCarthy/Erick De Silva

663                         June 16                    Derek De Freitas/Cyril

664                         June 30                    The Bimbos

665                         July 14                    Eric De Silva