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RUN:#652                                   RUN SITE: MORUGA

SCRIBE: MU-SICK                             HARES: NIEVES BOYS

DATE: January 27, 2007


At 11:45 am we all started gathering at the closed Squeeze Pub for what some had been told was a noon bus; others a 12:30 Bus, and others asked, "has a bus been arranged yet?"


Mu-Sick brought two virgins, which promptly went off in search of a Sports Bra (Go to the Mall everyone said at 12:15 when the bus was supposed to leave at 12:00 (and had not shown up yet). We have a very thoughtful Harriett to thank for the chicken and salads for the bus ride, but which got eaten as soon as the Squeeze Pub opened.


The full bus ride down was good fun with beer flowing, stories stretched, and a beer/piss stop.


The Nieve Brothers gave the chalk talk: "If you know the marks follow them. If you don't know the marks, then follow someone who does." And we were off from the scenic beachfront location at Columbus Beach. Was it Zippy who said, "Never leave CAMP. It is where the beer and food is; why go anywhere else?"


As we left civilization as we know it and proceeded up and down the trails we questioned whether the trail was set by the Nieve Brothers or the Brothers Grim. Climbing over fallen trees, crossing stream after stream only to cross over the same stream again; climbing up the mud walls and through the dense foliage, the pack started to spread out. And just as it did, the slower hashers must have found short cut after short cut(directed by the hare sweep), for I remember passing some of the same hashers again and again and again. Some of the hills were so steep that you could not possibly run up them; some were so high that you could not run after climbing up them.


Two Hobbits were spotted on trail - one went by the name of Hannah; the other her sister. Much too small to climb over the felled trees or climb the river banks, they held on piggyback style over some of the more challenging terrain. Thank Goodness that there were no children for there is no way that they could have navigated nor negotiated such terrain.


After what seemed to be an hour, there was one of the hares indicating a Split Tail Trail harassing those who chose the road less traveled, by telling them that no one will come back for them. No one will look for you until tomorrow.


The Hills and the mountains continued unmitigated in this tortuous but beautiful landscaped rainforest.  Some of the later stream crossings actually had the pack climbing on broken tree trunks and limbs barely able to hold the weight of a pubescent Harriett, not to mention the harriers of beer and girth.


The fifth time that I caught up to Two little Hobbits, I was amazed at how much they enjoyed quality time with their parents, jumping, running, holding on for their life, being passed form one to another and then singing and scampering up the hill.


After what seemed like an endless circuitous path through the eternal wilderness of the rainforest, we were suddenly close to the ocean and were able to run out onto the hard packed sand on the beach and do a final ½ mile Beach Run. Some of us could not resist and ran into the ocean for a cool dip and then re-hydrated to compensate for no beer nor water stop along the trail. The bus people celebrated with the free beer from the bus. Other bought chips and freely spent them on beer and mixed drinks as Zam started the reconciliation for the hares, the virgins, visiting hashers.



The Circle was fun time with O Zama bin Hashin awarding the Poofta T-Shirt to a well-known hasher who decided that his fate was not to go to the run after being delayed. When Mu-Sick was called upon to do his visitors down down, He asked to sing a special song in tribute to the finest of things adored by hashers throughout the world - beer. To put beer on a pedestal would not sufficiently do it justice, but to pronounce it as Better than Women is the least acclaim one can do. And so went the words for Beer is Better than Women - enjoyed by all, especially the fairer sex.


Beer is Better Than Women.


A beer doesn't care if you belch or you fart;

A beer doesn't play hard to get.

A beer doesn't think the 3 stooges are dumb.

A beer's always ready and wet.


Chorus : Beer is better than women; beer is better they say.

From Hong to Hobart, from Sydney to Cypress

I've hashed and drunk beer all the way.


A beer looks the same in the morning.

And a beer that's frigid is best.

It won't make you buy tampons when you go to the store

Or ask how you like the new dress.




A beer doesn't care if you come home real late

Or make you put pants on to eat.

Want to try a new kind, go ahead it won't mind

Cause a beer doesn't care if you cheat.




Either way I lose; no matter how I choose

Between beer and women, I think.

Without beer I'd go nuts

And the ironic part

Without women, there's no reason to drink




OK Mu-Sick wore most of his beer since he was wearing 2 feet of PVC pipe on his drinking arm.


After we ran out of curry chicken at the on home, some went looking down the street of more food. And so we had a late down-down for two stray virgins: Cat and Karl.


The bus Ride back had more singing, jokes and good old songs that everyone was hoarse.


As we got off the bus I wondered how cum Zam didn't ride up nor back with his wife? His love of the back of the bus? So that he could sing dirty songs and tell rude jokes without being in the doghouse? Or because of his duty as our new Hashmaster?


Betty opened up with several old favorite songs from yesteryear as some

drank Beer, Rum and Coca Cola from the cooler.


The planning had been absolutely perfect, for when the bus arrived at the Squeeze Pub, there were only two beers left. How can anyone plan to that detail? Only seasoned hashers, experienced in the way of the Hash On-Home and On After Parties.


After getting off the bus, I remember those immortal words of Janis Joplin:  "We sang every song we ever knew."


That still did not stop many from heading straight into the Squeeze Pub for another couple of rounds. Port of Spain Hash; Thank you for such a great time. I will remember it for a long, long time. Or at least until I hash again.






DATE:     February 24,2007

HARES:    Nevie

RUN SITE: Grosvenor estate, Coalmine

TIME      3.30 P.M.


Drive on Churchhill Roosevelt highway to Valencia (HHH  sign). Turn right and drive to Sange Grande. Pass Oasis cinema, Scotia Bank, Nedco bldg. all on the right. Turn right at Paul St. (HHH sign) . Drive to end of Paul St. and road  turns left on to Juteram St. Turn right at mosque at T-junction. Drive 4.1 km to Coalmine junction (HHH sign). Turn left on to Biche Rd. and drive 5.3 km to hash site (a few houses after 9km post). Turn right into Grosvenor estate at sign. Allow 1 ½ hours from POS.



RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                        SITE             

                           Feb 19/20                 Carnival Days

654                                      Feb 24                     Nevie                                         Sangre Grande

655                                      Mar 10                    Numbnuts

656                                      Mar 24                    Derek De Freitas

657                                      Apr 07                     Barry Ferreira

658                                      Apr 21                     Jimmy Fifi

659                                      May 05                    Dianne/Ivan/Robert

660                                      May 19                    Mary/Christine/Sonja

661                                      June 02                    Richard McCarthy/Erick De Silva

662                                 June 16           Timothy/Justin

663                                  June 30                    The Bimbos

664                                  July 14                    Eric De Silva


Zam’s Zanies


4 down 22 more t-shirts to go!


Last run we ended up on the Big Bust to the overseas hash.  I was very glad to get that out of the way for such a reasonable cost. The run, set by Kumar and some fellas from town, turned out quite good with the trail changing direction ever so often. The fellas from town may have had some input in it.


The Virgins: Alison, Karl, Katherine, Jerome, Sean, BJ and Tasheena.


We had a visiting hasher, Mu-Sick, who provided some entertainment on the bus.


The Poofter award is becoming more and more prestigious as some hashers are now volunteering for it. No more free beers for you Lorin.


Hash Kaiso is on, performers remember to register now as registration is limited and almost closed off.   $150.00 gets you rum, beer, doubles, corn soup and gala entertainment.

$50.00 and you can buy drinks at the pay bar.   Come out and fete till you get wet.


Registration is still open for Christine and Randall's band Sailors Unsure, this is going to be band of the year. Call Christine at 637-7360.


                          Some events to look forward to :

March - Hash Golf 

Easter Weekend - Kite Flying

TBA - Hashers who cook

 June 15-19 thereabout - Overseas

November 9-12 - Tobago