Master:          *Zameer Ali -6789-172                            Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass:        Justin Henry -766-4694                           Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:       **Mumtaz Amarali -  625-3617 ext 29436       Hash Softies: Richard Marlay –  351-3694

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H)                    

Web Address:  http://poshashhouse.tripod.com                   *email address: u4ria532@hotmail.com

                                                            **email address : mamarali@republictt.com                                                                                             



RUN:#651                                   RUN SITE: GRAND COUVA


DATE: January 15, 2007


I arrived at the run site early.  The hares were now completing the trail. Pinnys vehicle was unable to drive up the hill to the run site. I think he should trade in his Peugeot for a Japanese car since all the other vehicles made it to the site. While waiting for the arriving hashers the hares did not get the land owner permission to use the area which lead to a confrontation with an arrogant owner blocking the road with his vehicle it was soon cleared up .The Hash Ass called the runners together to get the run started since the Hash Master was stuck in traffic, so he claims but we know better than that since he was unable to run when he did finally arrive. The run started we headed into the forest downhill onto a slippery trail, there was a long delay to go down the trail upon investigating I found out the reason the male hashers were looking up to see the new female hasher outfit a mini skirt with no underwear, I was told that this will be the ladies outfit for future hashes we came to a check at the bottom of the hill found the right trail up hill, and across onto a paved road leading to the transmitter station with panoramic views of the northern range an central plains, there was a lot of milling around to find the right trail for a few minutes then we released it was a back check down hill I wonder why the front runners were getting lost so easily is it the mini skirt the reason.

We found the right trail and proceeded to a long muddy road, which lead to the ON IN a very good run by the Fearsome Foursome, which lasted about 11/2 hours. The down downs was done by the hash master who I think should have gotten the poofter for coming late and not running, we proceeded to the village bar to some tasty roti and geera pork and plenty cold beers. ON ON



DATE:     February 10,2007

HARES:    Roy, T.P.F.O. and Asha, T.P.F**.O.


TIME      3.30 P.M.


FROM POS : - take the Saddle Road to Maracas Beach. At the 'Y'  take a RIGHT towards Santa Cruz.

Follow the Road until you come to a junction with a supermarket known as the FOOD BASKET ( before the fire station etc). Turn LEFT and then RIGHT into Akal Trace 2. Follow the road until Charlotte Avenue, the run site.


FROM San Juan : - take the Saddle Road to Maracas. Turn RIGHT at the junction with the food Food Basket

(after the fire station etc) and take the FIRST right into Akal Trace 2. Follow the road until Charlotte Ave,

which is the run site.


( NB : If you see a sign to the Cantaro Geriatric Centre - pay attention, you are very close!)

This run is being directed by TPFO - a well experienced and Senior Harsher -  and in his words the run being

set the ole time way: Therefore please take note of the following:


Œ      There are 2 hares who have recceed and will set this run  - NO LOCAL'S INPUT


Ť      and NO PANSY OUTFITS to identify the hares so LISTEN at the hash hush to avoid getting hurt,

                   lost or dying.


Ž      Please do not call about what is on the menu because there will be lots of booze but NO FOOD


Ź      Remember to CALL when on the trail : the words are ON ON, ARE YOU?, ONBACK and CHECKING!.... you can probably add just ONE more word!





RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                                 SITE             

651                                  Jan 13 2007              Fearsome Foursome                                   Gran Couva

652                                  Jan 27                     Nieves Boys                                           Moruga

653                                  Feb 10                     The PFO and Asha de Hasha                        Santa Cruz     

                           Feb 19/20                 Carnival Days

654                                      Feb 24                     Nevie

655                                      Mar 10                    Numbnuts

656                                      Mar 24                    Derek De Freitas

657                                      Apr 07                     Barry Ferreira

658                                      Apr 21                     Jimmy Fifi

659                                      May 05                    Dianne/Ivan/Robert

660                                      May 19                    Richard McCarthy/Erick De Silva

661                                      June 02                    Mary/Christine/Sonja   

662                                 June 16           Timothy/Justin

663                                  June 30                    The Bimbos

664                                  July 14                    Eric De Silva





Zam’s Zanies


3 down 23 t-shirts to go. Well the HM narrowly escaped being awarded the Poofter shirt for arriving at the run after it started. The girls insisted that I stop for doubles at the Couva turnoff, one of them asking for a fork, claiming “she from town”. BUT, LORIN WON’T BE SO LUCKY!

He claims that Barbara doesn’t let him go all the way.

The run, set by the Fearsome -1+2-3-1+2-2, by all accounts was well set, short, neat and clean.


The Virgins: Suzette, Sandy, Naureen, Glory, Wally, Boyce and David.

David also had new shoes which he boasted about to everyone.



Nominees for Poofter: Hutchy, for delaying Audrey, to come in hand in hand. I think he was being set up by McGee. Eggy, for serving Budweiser on the Hash to his Bud-dies. Not once did he come up to the HM and say “this Bud’s for you”. And the Poofter award went to Barry, for holding back the run to guide Taz safely down the rope.


Hash Kaiso is on. This year it is going to be turned into an all-inclusive Run and Beer and Rum Party. Details soon to be out. Basically $150.00 all-inc for Rum and Beer and $50.00 for non Rum and Beer drinkers who will be buying drinks from the alternate bar. Doubles, Corn Soup etc…


A note to the chow eaters, go easy on stuffing the cups. Mango Chow provides the stuff out of her own kindness. We don’t want to show up one day and see $5.00 per cup. Contributions of fruit are also welcome.


Run site clean-up is the responsibility of the hares, no bottles to be left on the trail. I am being pressured to introduce international rules, no sweeper hares. To do the run you have to be relatively fit, have proper shoes etc… Some runs are easier than others, talk to the hares. If you are slow and get left on the trail, we will come looking for you the next day.