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RUN:        #648                     RUN SITE: Santa Cruz (chez Betty)

SCRIBE:           Crockett                  HARES:     Valdez/Darin/Natalie/Ricky/Haniff?

DATE:             December 02, 2006


Why was the Christmas hash so early in December? Usually, it is the hash before Christmas. Why did it seem as though the date for hash Christmas party was only announced two weeks before the party? Is the hash committee trying something to keep the numbers down for the party? Did they not make enough profits during the year to put on a big bash? Or did they spend all the profits on a hash committee dinner? Committee dinner? When did this “tradition” start? Must be a FFP thing!! Of course another explanation is that Dookie was looking to pass on the HM’s job at the earliest possible date!!


Arriving at Betty’s lovely property in Santa Cruz (on which Hanif is allow to cohabitate), I was instructed to use my SUV to drive across the lawn and spin my tyres in order to create deep ruts in the lawn. Being a hasher, I certainly know how to leave my mark on someone’s lawn (or in the bush).


Before the hash started Darin was heard telling everyone that Dookie was out to get him, but don’t worry, he could handle Brian. He was going to make sure that Dookie was going to be the poofter again.


I was quite disappointed at what seemed like a small crowd for a hash so close to town. However, shortly after the run started I realized that a few of the regulars were missing. They couldn’t possibly be at home putting on their fancy dan-dans for the hash party? Could they?


About five minutes into a run that I wasn’t up to running we came upon a check which led us through Mr. Drew’s property. I sure hope the hares got permission from this land owner as he can be quite grumpy and can cuss with the best. I suspect that when he is in form he could even embarrass Roy. Thankfully, Nick was on the run.


When we came out of Nick’s property back onto La Sagesse, I was hoping we would turn left back to Betty’s and see the ON IN or at least a beer stop. No such luck, it was across the main road, through the cocoa, across the river, across Brian Lara’s home ground and into a housing development.


So much for a nice Saturday run in bush, this was turning into one of the nasty Monday style run, with plenty of flat running, plenty of disease infested drains and plenty of stunned residence wondering where all these insane people came from. Enrique was heard trying to make jokes about the conditions, “The hash is going down the drain”, “This hash is draining me”. As usual no one laughed.


Although the “terrain” was of questionable quality, the pack was kept well together. Even though I wasn’t running, I found myself checking and in front a few times. All this while making sure that the ass HM didn’t injure himself any more than usual.


Finally, after about an hour of the running the front pack left me behind as we made our way through a new housing development and into the Fujiko quarry. At this point, I had had enough and it was time for a beer!! Besides I had to keep the HM and ass HM company as they cut short the run.


I’m informed that the real hashers continued on to a Beer stop. Why have a beer stop on Christmas party run when the beer was available for free back at the run site? In addition, why did the run continue on for almost two hours? The committee must be trying to make sure that the free beer is only available for as short a time as possible.


Time for the down downs. How was Darin going to twist things around to make Dookie the poofter again? You knew something was up when Brian seemed to forget about giving the hares their down downs. He was also smart enough to have hash comedian, Derek, to assist him. Sure enough the hares were given their down downs and Brian announced that the poofters were Darin and Pinnie. Darin made a pathetic attempt to turn things back on Brian and ended up being the poofter (with Pinnie) using a custom made double funnel.


Then it was ON ON to the dinner, a visit from Santa and the handover to Zam.





DATE:          December 30,2006

HARES:         Mike, Roy and Joey

RUN SITE:     Siparia (yes, we go organize a bus!)

TIME            3.30 P.M.



Travel south past San Fernando till highway stops. Bear left down to traffic lights bear right and up to M2 road. go right and follow to Debe. At Debe lights turn left onto SS-Erin main rd to Siparia. Travel l14.6km to Siparia and turn left at Coora rd junction. Travel 1.0 km to a y junction turn right and follow sign for Quinam beach. Travel 2.6 km to quinam main rd. Turn right for beach traveling 1.3km to TrinCan field office and run site.





RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                                 SITE              

649                                   Dec 16                     David/Brian/Numbnuts + 1                           Piparo

650                                   Dec 30                    Mike    McGee

651                                   Jan 13 2007              Fearsome Foursome

652                                   Jan 27                     Keith Nieves

653                                   Feb 10                     The PFO and Asha de Hasha             

                           Feb 19/20                 Carnival Days

654                                      Feb 24                     Nevie

655                                      Mar 10                    Numbnuts

656                                      Mar 24                    Derek De Freitas

657                                      Apr 07                     Barry Ferreira

658                                      Apr 21                     Jimmy Fifi

659                                      May 05                    Dianne/Ivan/Robert

660                                      May 19

661                                      Jun 09

662                                    Jun 25









It is that time of the year when I say goodbye as HM and welcome Zam as the

new Hash Master for 2007.  I know he will give it his best and that you will

give him the same support that you gave me during the year.


> We had a lovely Christmas party and I would like to thank Betty and Hanif for

the use of their home as well as all who assisted with the decorating especially

Flash, Nevi, Barbara P, Barbara and my lovely wife as well as all those who I

did not mention.  Don't you think Pinny did a great job as Santa and Rachel as

Santa's helper?


> I would also like to thank all those who helped with the organisation of the

overseas trip to Bequia as well as the Tobago overseas.


> To the hares, the run was a bit too short so I cut out after an 1 hour 15

mins.  Congrats to Richard Hart for getting prick of the year and Marguerite for

pussy of the year.


> We welcome all virgins to the Port of Spain Hash House Harriers.  Hope you

enjoyed the run and hope to see you soon again.

> Poofters - Pinny and Darin

> Au Revoir!!

> ON ON to Zam.






          He's the meanest,

He sucks the horse's penis,

He's the meanest,

He's a horse's ass.


All he does is pound it,

Ever since he found it,

He's the meanest,

He's a horse's ass.


He's always pissing on us,

He's rotten and dishonest,

He's the meanest,

He's a horse's ass.

So drink it down, down, down . . .