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Hash Ass:       Zameer Ali – 678-9172                           Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:         Risa Mohammed* – 752-4447 (C)                 Hash Softies: Richard Marlay –  351-3694

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H)                    

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RUN: #647                                                RUN SITE:  Cumaca

SCRIBE:    Warrior                                             HARES: Simon/Alastair + 1

DATE:      Nov 18, 2006    



I have to dub this the Hash of Oxymoron’s.

1. The HM come back from Chang Mai and after taking a shower in ‘Chinneee’ communal shower he suddenly feel he is a stud and want to walk round showing off a replica of his dick. He so wants to get into the “Big-Dick” arena. If wishes were dicks, the HM would need more than three wishes. More like ten or twenty to be even considered.


2. How on earth do two idiots pull off such a great Hash? They have no clue where they are: - “We think is Cumaca”. They have no effing place in Trinidad call “We think is Cumaca”. Imagine yuh passing on yuh way to Toco with yuh family and yuh saying “Look kids, this is “We think is Cumaca”. For the record,  the place doesn’t have a name, which means I meh self doh even know. But we were closer to Oropouche & Matura than Cumaca.


They didn’t realize that they had tell the Valencia Carnival Committee they had to postpone their celebrations for us or wait till we pass? But is Piney. Piney was having the time of his life. Running through the forest yelling: “all yuh ah find it. Is this way. All yuh come.” He forget all about On-On. He got so excited, for the first time in his Hashing life he was right. Only to be brought back to reality. Poor fellow. Somebody, please help him nah? Ah cyah sit idly by and watch one man make such an ass out of himself.


Then there’s the Griff. He was only interested in what was in Mumtaz’s pants and what was holding it up. Griff, yuh find out?


Then there was the mating ritual. Betty was there bright and early. Strutting her stuff. Playing hard to get. (And she didn’t get). Even squatting and taking a piss here and there. Running and rolling through the mud. Lying on her back with legs wide open saying “Come boy I am all yours”. Making every play in the book to attract this mutt she hear about. This mutt that make her travel all the way to “We think is Cumaca” to see.


He didn’t even give her the time of day. Raymond wasn’t moved by all this foreplay or should I say dog-play. Who the @#%* yuh think I was talking ‘bout?


But as hard as this is going to be, I have to admit it was a great Hash. Well done Idiots!!!!! It was even better than Bod Marley and His Weeniers.


Scribe’s personal note: Hashers, during the down-down please move your children away. The down-down tends to get a bit raw and adult at times and is no place for the little ones.






DATE:             December 16, 2006

HARES:            Nancy/David/Brian/Pinny & Numbnuts

RUN SITE: Piparo

TIME:      3:30 p.m.


Travel on the south bound highway to the Gasparillo Exit. At the exit, make a left turn and continue to the Gasparillo Junction. At KFC make a right turn and proceed to the T junction and turn left onto Reform Road. Continue east for about 20 minutes  to the Williamsville Village Junction. Turn left to Piparo. The Hash site is at the Piparo Mud Volcano. Look for HHH signs. Approx. time from Port of Spain is 1hr. 20mins.






RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                                 SITE              

647                                   Nov 18                    Simon Wescott                                        Cumaca

648                                   Dec 02                    Hash Christmas Run                                  Santa Cruz

649                                   Dec 16                     David/Brian/Numbnuts + 1                           Piparo

650                                   Dec 30                    Mike    McGee

651                                   Jan 13 2007              Fearsome Foursome

652                                   Jan 27                     Keith Nieves

653                                   Feb 10                     The PFO and Asha de Hasha             

                           Feb 19/20                 Carnival Days

654                                      Feb 24                     Nevie

655                                      Mar 10                    Numbnuts

656                                      Mar 24                    Derek De Freitas

657                                      Apr 07                     Barry Ferreira

658                                      Apr 21                     Jimmy Fifi

659                                      May 05                    Dianne/Ivan/Robert

660                                      May 19

661                                      Jun 09

662                                    Jun 25