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RUN: #645                                 RUN SITE:  Lopinot

SCRIBE:       Hearty                                     HARES: De Big Dicks - Christian, Dexter, Egbert

DATE:       Oct 21, 2006     


Lopinot, I knew what the area was like but here I was running through a flat grassy field along a wide trail, there were lots of tall trees on either side and then coming upon a gentle flowing river  meandering slowly running through the field a large group of runners, spread out, shouting on! on!

OH SHIT! I suddenly awoke and realised it’s was only a dream............. but it seemed so real. it’s 6.30am time to get up, read the papers and get some work done before driving to the hash.

Some who didn’t make it or diliberately missed this one knew exactly what they were doing, still somewhat of a large crowd of hashers had gathered obviously must have been wooed by the promise of food galore, music, lots of drink and oh! of course hopefully a good run.


We started off earlier than usual, after the usual monologue by the hares who had called themselves “the big dicks”.  Many questioned as to where they got that name from, some even wanted proof but that’s another story.  The start was slow and a bit confused, but with the sound of on! on! we followed like sheep up a steep trail, not a chance to get warmed  up, it was straight into a steep climb, a little early for that! only to be sent back by an X, everyone’s going back down back to the road, after, the trail was picked up and we found ourselves back to another incline.   Surprised!  No, not at all.  Where else can you go in Lopinot, if you had looked around, you would have seen only hills.  This was going to be a run for those that were strong climbers and it mattered that your shoes had good treads or for that case new shoes, good thing not much rain fell that day.  So another hill again, and a couple of on backs which really slowed the front group.  By then almost every one had caught up and were just waiting around as all trails were checked.  This took a while longer apparently because of an X placed in front of a big cave put there to warn us to be careful, you just wouldn’t want to fall into that big dark hole!   anyhow the correct way was around the X but those that saw it, took it as it  looked and turned back, the hares had to direct us to a trail at the side and we continued on up.


Apart from a couple other u turns the “big dicks” were worthy of a good effort as it really took a lot of planning to complete the run.  With a whole lot of climbs one had to be reasonably in good shape. The front pack finished after an hour and 45mins.  A streneous run not for the faint of heart, we finished through a small river onto the road and back to bar. The run was supposed to be longer but due to the time we took, the dicks rightly decided to cut it short otherwise it would have added another 20-30 mins. Think of all the beers that were consumed in that time.


Thanks and birthday greetings to Martin who did the honourable thing and sponsored the 1st keg.  Our acting HM had an ear about him and got the look almost just right, as when knighted, he was somehow transformed to look as though our HM was present. His commanding authority prisiding over the masses was well received. The poofter was the Hash Softy no not Taiwan Bob but his replacement Richard.  After all said and done, food, drink etc. the big dicks obviously made a good impression.

On on



DATE:              November 18, 2006

HARES:            Simon Wescott, Alistair Martin

RUN SITE:  We think is Cumaca

TIME:       3:30 p.m.



Travel along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway to the pillars just after Santa Rosa Heights.  Turn left at Demarara Road (250 metres after the pillars).  Travel along this road until you reach the Eastern Main Road.  Turn right at EMR and head to the Valencia Junction passing Ponderosa Bar on the left.  Keep left at the traffic lights. Continue on this road for like 20 minutes until you come to the T junction.   Take the sharp left turn onto Toco Main Road and drive for about 2 or 3 mins (about ½ mile).   Turn left onto a dirt road which takes you to a small quarry.  This is the run site. Look out for Hash signs.




RUN #      DATE                      HARES                                                 SITE              


646                    Nov 04                     Richard Marlay                                        Manzanilla

647                    Nov 18                    Simon Wescott                                       Cumaca

648                    Dec 02                    Hash Christmas Run

649                    Dec 16                     David/Brian/Numbnuts + 1

650                    Dec 30                    Mike McGee

651                    Jan 13 2007              Fearsome Foursome

652                    Jan 27                     Nieves Boys

653                    Feb 10                     The PFO and Asha de Hasha

Feb 19/20          Carnival Days

654                                      Feb 24                     Nevie

655                                      Mar 10                    Numbnuts

656                                      Mar 24                    Derek de Freitas

657                                      April 7                     Barry Ferreira

658                                      April 21                    Jimmy Fifi

659                                      May 5                     Ivan, Dianne and Robert

660                                      May 19                   

661                                      June 9                    

662                                      June 25                   



Derek’s Dominoes


Friends, Hashers, countrymen lend me your ears!


By the time you read this, I will not be anywhere close to Southeast Asia, but probably sipping a cold one from Harry some where in Manzanilla, or be performing acting HM duties on the back of a pick-up.

‘Dooks and Run’ will be back from Thailand by the next hash, so I say farewell to my acting duties today.  Unless of course we decide to stage a fowl coup d’etat before the next run.


Richard ‘Hash Softies” Marley was the poofter for allowing his car alarm to annoy the Hash Groupies. He now claims that there were children with no parents in sight jumping in the back of his pick-up causing the alarm to go off repeatedly.  

Anyone knowing the identities of the parents please come forward so that we could send them to the Nevie Boos Academy of Correction to avoid the children growing up ‘spoil’.

Welcome to the Virgins, Brent, Jaime, Andre, Christine, Maurice, Crystal and Alex and hope to see you again.  Even Christine I think it was, who was seen crying on a particularly difficult part of the downhill trail.



The Reasonably Honourable Hash Master (acting)