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Hash Ass:       Zameer Ali – 678-9172                           Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:         Risa Mohammed* – 752-4447 (C)                 Hash Softies: Richard Marlay

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 741-9125 (C)                    

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RUN: #644                                                RUN SITE:  Maracas

SCRIBE:       Minimus Dan                                                         HARES:  Zam & Enrique

DATE:       Oct 07, 2006     


I knew something was wrong with this run when after the rainy drive all the way to the run site, I see Enrique coming up the beach with a bag of flour in his hand. I’d like to give Enrique the benefit of the doubt and I’m going to suggest that it was the Hash Ass’ idea to use flour in the rain. I was even informed that the rain wasn’t the only thing affecting the visibility of the flour trails, since some stray dogs were seen devouring the flour as well, particularly the checks and Xs apparently since I saw none in flour for the entire run. Anyway, despite Harry’s services being already set up and operational, we decided to still do the run and we set off.

It was only when we were about 500 meters from the start point and checking a street, I noticed that the Hash Ass was running with a bag of flour shouting ON ON, behind me setting the trail after the run had started, which was strange to say the least. We decided to wait on him, and after an extremely long wait, due to Zam’s inherent lack of speed and coordination, he caught up and led us up a street and up a mud stairway. He informed us that he had to set the trail again because the flour was washed away previously by a freak monsoon that passed through the area earlier. Tweety, Lorin and Tomas however knew nothing of this. They began checking a side street off the main street and apparently due to some combination of dogs, monsoon and the hares run-setting ability, the side street was not ‘X-ed’. The trio continued up the street, eventually meeting another trail and began the run with a 15 minute headstart.

The rest of us should have gone with them, but we were not so fortunate. So we followed Zam. Some of us were even helping Zam suggesting places for checks and false trails, telling him where to drop flour so it wouldn’t be visible, and to space out the intervals at which he was dropping flour, to make it more difficult for the hashers. Eventually we came to a check. This must have caught the Hash Ass off guard, since he had no idea where we were supposed to go and the trail had vanished entirely. Again he blamed the monsoon. Eventually, Betty, seeking to capitalize on the delay began looking for a suitable place to make love to Haniff, and stumbled on the trail and we were off again, up and down some more stairs, between houses and so on. Occasionally the hares would point to some faint residue on the ground and should out “Checking” or “On Back”. We would take their word for it. We eventually came to the street that Tweety, Lorin and Thomas ran up, and we ran up it as well through that bar/restaurant/play ground thing that everyone passes on the left just one or two corners before Maracas, but never visit, since there’s a beach right around the corner for crying out loud. Why stop there. It doesn’t even have a view.

So we’re on the main road now running down to Maracas, looking for the right trail. Eventually we find it and we’re off again, we come to a couple of junctions and the hares inform us that we are “Checking” and we believe them because we see some fattened, sleeping dogs that have clearly gorged themselves on flour. We check and we’re off. Now here is where it gets even stranger. At one of the checks we see run into Tweety, who is coming out of was apparently a very long loop with one entry and exit point. The majority of the pack decides to skip the loop and just continue the run. It was not my lucky day and I began the loop.

The loop however turned out to be the best set part of the run. They used something called “shredded paper” on this part of the run and this matter is not digested by most canines, and also holds up pretty well in the rain. We should probably start using this paper stuff, especially if it might rain. The trails were lovely there, the checks were well set and marked off, and it ended with a refreshing downhill trip through a clear rocky river. Its here I meet Thomas who was so confused at the loop, that he was checking everywhere while mumbling to himself “I just came in there…I can’t go back out there” and was checking the entire Northern Range between Santa Cruz and Maracas in an attempt to prove himself right. Needless to say I left him there and wished him luck, because I had previous knowledge that it was a loop, since we encountered Tweety there earlier.

The rest of the run was pretty straight forward. They stuck with the “shredded paper” stuff and after some more ups and towns, twists and turns we were out and running down the beach to the cars and more importantly, Harry. Despite all this it was an excellent and scenic run and the hares were unfortunate the rain washed away some of their trails.          




DATE:              November 04, 2006

HARES:            Richard Marlay

RUN SITE:  Manzanilla

TIME:       3:30 p.m.



Travel east along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway to the pillars at Santa Rosa Heights. Turn left at Demarara Road (200 metres after the pillars). Travel along this road until you reach the Eastern Main Road. Turn right and head to the Valencia Junction, keeping right at traffic lights to proceed to Sangre Grande. When you get to Sangre Grande follow the ONE WAY roads till you reach the Police Station, where you keep right and head to Manzanilla. Continue on this road until you reach the Y-junction (church in the middle) and keep right. Follow the road to the T-junction, make a left, then a right and continue to the Nariver Road. Turn right into the Nariver road and travel for 2km to the run site. LOOK FOR HHH SIGNS!  

There will be food on sale at the run site ($25.00). After hash lime at The First and Last Bar.





RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                                 SITE              


645                                   Oct 21                    Christian Anderson

646                                   Nov 04                     Richard Marlay

647                                   Nov 18                    Simon Wescott

648                                   Dec 02                    Hash Christmas Run

649                                   Dec 16                     David/Brian/Numbnuts + 1

650                                   Dec 30                    Mike McGee

651                                   Jan 13 2007              Fearsome Foursome

652                                   Jan 27                     Nieves Boys

653                                   Feb 10          

                           Feb 19/20                 Carnival Days

654                                      Feb 24

655                                      Mar 10                   

656                                      Mar 24

657                                      April 7

658                                      April 21

659                                      May 5



Dookie’s  Dabble


By the time you are reading this, Randall, Mark and myself will be having drinks with some sexy Chinese women in Bangcock.  Oops, I was not supposed to say that I meant having drinks with our wives.

Now to the hash.  Zam and Enrique - could I not say anything about the run as I only did the first loop and judging from that, well, I guess I did the best thing by coming in early for drinks. From what I understand there was a good lime after.

Most of you should know by now that Derek "De Friggin Ass" DeFreitas will be acting HM for the next two hashes.  Please, I want you to show him the same courtesy and respect that you have showered me with throughout the year.

I would like to welcome Richard Marlay to the Hash Committee.  He is the new Hash Softies replacing Bob Dixon who is off to Thailand to sow his oats.  We wish Bob all the very best.

Poofter - Richard Hart

We welcome all virgins to the Port of Spain Hash House Harriers.  Hope you enjoyed the run and hope to see you soon again.

Volley Ball - off Saturdays at Maracas.  I presume that Peter Noel will continue the volleyball in Zam's absence.

ON ON!!!