Master:          Brian Dookie – 684-0310                         Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass:       Zameer Ali – 678-9172                           Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h:      Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O)                      Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec:         Risa Mohammed* – 752-4447 (C)                 Hash Softies: Bob Dickson – 638-5694

Hare Line:       Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H)                    

Web Address:  http://poshashhouse.tripod.com                   *email address: risamohammed@yahoo.com



RUN:        #642                                                RUN SITE:  Hillsboro Waterfall

SCRIBE:               ???---it’s a mystery                                                HARES:  Meet the Fockers

DATE:              Sept 23, 2006    



It was mid afternoon of the first day of the Tobago hash weekend and the four large maxi-taxis full of hashers set off from the apartments at Store Bay for the run site at Hillsboro Waterfall. There we were expected to meet the fockers and as it turned out there were six of them including one contsultant who had been planning the run for three years and together they would execute this monumental task.

We were parked on the road overlooking the waterfall – a rather scenic site so that there was at least one plus for the run. The proceedings began with the observance of one minute’s silence for Pat, sister of the Hale trio and regular hashers, Rod, Susan and Karen and who had passed away earlier that morning.

The Hash Master duly welcomed the twenty or so Bajan hashers who had come across to join us for the weekend and then he introduced the hares. The sight of Martin, Justin, Vaughn, Jerry, Eric and one other bloke only served to show how appropriate the name of the group was. After the usual instructions and with a check at the very start, we set off in all the directions that the roads allowed but without success. Finally it was a climb down to the river that put us on the right trail. From there on, it was the usual stuff – up the river, climbing hills (quite a few), through the bush, with the usual checks and X’s thrown in for good measure. One was forced to wonder what about this run took all of three years to plan and set. Somewhere along the way a little stinging nettle caressed Samantha’s legs and she burst into tears – but that is a story for Tanty Merle. And so, after a run that may be classified as just good, we came to the ON IN and of course to the beers.

Finally we came to the day’s piece de resistance. The Hash Master decided that we would have a blast from the past and he invited the Hash Master of 1993, the foul mouthed Scotsman, TPFO (aka Roy) to do the honours as Religious Adviser. It turned out that in order to be allowed to come over to Tobago, Roy had to promise his wife that there would be no cussing for the weekend. Would this be problematic? Hardly. Roy mounted the pick up and indicated his intention to keep his promise as he introduced Zam as his translator. Zam’s linguistic skills came into play as he allowed us to get the essence of what Roy was saying. Roy gave some illustrations: “Could we have a little silence please” and he turned to Zam who echoed “Roy says to shut to f—k up”. 

Roy: “The Hash Master is quite a nice chap”

Zam: “Roy says Dookhie is a f-----g asshole”

It soon became easy to understand all that Roy was saying as he took us through the down-downs. For the poofter award Roy recognized three contenders which included two hares (quite naturally).

Vaughn (Tosca) found himself in the middle of the run not knowing which way to go and he blamed a disappearing check.

Eric was another who, incidentally, had found himself stamping the poofter t-shirt into the mud not knowing that he was in line for the award.

Then there was Harold who landed at Crown Point airport and promptly took a taxi to the apartment at Store Bay – he was a run away winner.

And so we had an outstanding performance from Roy and surely he had provided us with his full quota of “comic relief” for the weekend. Could we expect more from him? Then it was on to the maxi-taxis for the drive back to Store Bay and the dinner that awaited us.     ON-ON                                           












MONDAY - As seen through the eyes of Tantie Merle. (Tantie Merle on her verandah talking to her neighbour Beulah)

Beulah:        But eh eh, Merle, whey yuh was?  Ah see yuh house lock up tight, tight an yuh nowhere aroun?

Merle: Beulah, like yuh forget to remember dat ah tell yuh dat ah was travelling to Tobago wit de Hashers

       dem for de Republic day Holiday.

Beulah:        Oh gosh, yes, ah now remember, ah forget clean, clean, clean. But hear nuh, How it was?....

Merle: Well gurl, wen ah tell yuh ah had a good time, dem Hashers not easy yuh know! Dem does alwaz like to

       have Tantie Merle wid dem in all dey stupidness, but ah does have to say ah does enjoy dey company

       becuz dey does mek meh laugh too bad.

Beulah:        So tell meh nah, what yuh did.

Merle: Ok, fust dey did call meh an tell meh dey going to Tobago, so ah decide to tek meh niece Samanta

she is meh brudder chile  becuz she beg meh to go and ah decide to tek she. When ah tell yuh,

drama start from de beginning beuz on the Sat . self we leave, is tree (3) hours we did have to stay in

de people airport. TREE WHOLE HOURS!!!  Yuh tink it easy/  So anyways, we manage to get on and

reach to de hotel in time fuh de fust run, ah unpack meh grip, tek out all meh vital supplies, like

CRIX cheese, buljol, Black pudding and meh cocoa tea.  Ah tell mehself, Merle, go and buy yuh                         Crab an dumpling from Miss Jean, yuh know she is my family, she is meh Granana mudder sister                      aunt dat live in Buccoo. So anyways, de Saturday an de Sunday pass nice, nice. Nice. But is de Monday ah want to tell yuh about.

Beulah:        What mek it so special chile?

Merle: Well chile, fust ah decide to hull meh ol self off de bed at 7 o’clock in de morning and go ana

                ah live run fuh 8 o’clock.

Beulah:        What is dat, ah live run?

Merle: Dat is when dey does let de people who setting de run tek orf an set de run wit flour in dey an  de

 runners does run after about  10 minutes after to try an ketch dem.  It does be real exciting de

Bajans an dem waz setting de run an we say œeh heh, we go ketch dem becuz we kinda feel dem  does

not run fas like we. But who tell we dat becuz we did nevah ketch dem, becuz we not accustom to the

way de hash was set which is different.  One dot ah flour mean we on  in ah kinda way, two dot mean

we on, - in ah kinda way, but is only when we see tree (3) dot - dat we really on de right trail.. Well,

dat had we so mix up an confuse becuz we was tooing and fro-ing, going up an dong, in an out between

the roads and trails â it wasn’t so far nuh, but we really ketch we tail  dem Bajans smart too bad!! 

Doh look at dem slight yuh know! We nevah did ketch dem an what mek it worse we end up on the

beach and we asking:  Whey de France we going from here becuz dey have no way outta here. Hello,

somebody say:  Look ah glass bottom boat, leh we tek it nah and go back to de hotel.. We say JUST

RIGHT an we jump on de boat an de boatman was real cool, cool, cool, an dat it becuz he was really

part ah de plan. We waz suppose to get on he boat becuz de Bajans pay fuh him to tek us back!!! Man,

dat waz ah scene, everybody get hyper and relax after dat. We jump orf de boat at Store Bay and

run back to de hotel in fast time. It was great and dem Bajans feel real good dat we didna a ketch

and dat dey real mash we up!!!

Beulah:        So what yuh spend de rest of de day doing?

Merle:         Well, ah enjoy mehself drinking, laughing and watching ah Hasher name Mr. Victor who expose

heself on de balcony Long time ah ent see dat!!!!  Den ah went across by Miss Jean and meet wit

she and get all meh crab an dumpling and ketch up wit de news of she an she family den it was time to

leave de Hotel and get on de plane to come back home

Beulah:        So yuh had ah good time nah?

Merle: What?   Yuh making joke, ah had a real good time and ah making sure to go back next year ---God

spare life. So Beulah what you did for de long weekend, leh meh hear.

Beulah:        Well chile……HEAR DIS NAH. Pinny find a cellphone on the hotel grounds and ask: What to do with

                this? Somebody shout “Pinny, why you don”t call the cell number and the owner would answer! Pinny

                say: Yes, yes, good idea!!  (??) Terrence was  in Scarborough and he passed a hearse carrying a coffin

                and then saw it racing down the hill and crashing into a pharmacy and the coffin flying out of the

                hearse and landing up on the counter!!   Hear what the cashier say: “Like dey want something for

                coughing!!!!!!”  Bajan Robert who speaks with a rank Bajan accent always talking to Babs who doesn”t

                understand a word he says but just keeps nodding YES, YES. But what she didn”t realize was that he

                was asking?? Allyuh hear about the new political party, it is called the PEOPLE’S UNITED MOVEMENT

or P.U.M.  The symbol is a Chatiagne and their motto is A Wind of Change.  ON ON ON!                                                                  


Tobago Weekend Overview:

There is a popular misconception that there is nothing new on a Tobago weekend. The activities this year has insured that this remains a misconception.

For some of us the weekend started on Friday morning and we thought that we were the first one there only to be greeted by the “Hash vagrant”, Andre and Marlay among others. So much for being first. By lunch time the numbers increased and there was the cacophony of old talk and laughter as the preparations were being made for the weekend. The beers were being put on ice and this was my first concern. We have grown accustomed to the large “fisherman cooler” filled with beers, however to my total dismay I saw a container ¼ of the size of the “fisherman cooler” being packed. The HM was not around for me to ask a question but I soon realized that the size of the cooler was commensurate with the size of the main packer who would not have been able to reach down into the “fisherman cooler”. Mystery solved.

As we sat around doing what we do best, the divers returned. One diver was particularly tired as he had included a bottle of wine with his gear and was wondering why his gear bag was so heavy (duuh). A normal person would have drunk the wine and lightened the load, but not this boo boo. We were then joined by the islanders who cannot get enough of T&T. They are laying claim to many things T&T as possible. They have claimed our flying fish as there own, they are trying to get at our oil reserves, they have claimed our HMs husband (no it is not a mistake, Sandra is the real HM as would be Juicy P next year) (that is no loss at all. We would have paid them to take him) and they are trying to claim our hash. Could you imagine these people come to our hash and boldly wearing there own printed t-shirts even after they received a POSH3 t-shirt.

Friday evening was soon upon us and it was barbecue time. I am sure that the hash has broken the world record for the number of persons employed in starting a barbecue pit. There were all sorts of advice. Use the volcano, put more paper, spread the coals, fan the pit, blow the pit. Eventually and I really man eventually, the fire was started and all types of meat were placed on the pit, halal and non halal

Night soon came and people buggered off to their assigned rooms while others went to the room that they would have liked to be assigned to if only for one night.

Saturday morning and the early risers took an early morning bath, while Nevie displayed his prowess at making coffee while Zam demonstrated his proficiency at making a cup of tea. The morning was rather uneventful at least for those of us already in Tobago, while the Saturday morning travelers were stuck at Piarco as there flights were delayed by something like three (3) hours. This delay almost gave the HMs husband a minor coronary as he approached the hares enquiring about the possibility of a late start to the run. The hashers, at least most of them did arrive with sufficient time to make the run. One or two arrived but their luggage did not but so be it.

The Saturday run will be written about separately but mention must be made of the ambience of the area and the waterfall and the pools in the immediate vicinity. The run was set by five hares and a Technical consultant. Three of the five are Arima pussies possee while one of the other hares is being courted by the Fearsome Foursome plus three minus five. I had expressed my concerns as to the strengths of the leader of this bunch or to be more precise, what skill did he bring to the team. However by the end of the run Sunday the other hares plus the virgin female hare that joined them on Sunday were deciding on his continued participation in the group.

Saturday night and it was dinner time. A delicious meal was on offer and the hungry hashers consumed and in some cases devoured what was on offer. So after dinner there was more drinking (surprise surprise) until it was time to go to Shade.

Shade, where do I begin. The young and some of the young at heart were shuttled to Shade approximately 20 of us. By the way I am numbered among the young up until my old bones felt tired. Now we all know that hashers could party and party we did. A group of us had planned on leaving at midnight assuming that two hours in the Shade would be fine, but at midnight no one was ready to go.

Boy if you see hashers party. “Miss One socks” dance up a storm like the ankle was good. One young man put down some wine that if Ernest Gallo or Correias had seen him they would have put him in a bottle. The young man is the greatest I have seen at dancing in time with some one dancing out of time. The boy have real talent.

We even made another Caribbean connection with a three some from Curacao. Every body at Shade new that Trinis and more specifically Hashers were in the house. At the end of the night two hashers got hash names, The Social Tackler and the Apprentice Tackler. If ever the hash starts back playing football and we are playing a female side then these two guys must play.

Sunday morning came and again the early risers rose and did their individual things, Uncle Derek went to church and prayed that Ann would arrive safely (his prayers were answered). While the hares were out setting the run I noticed that the girlfriend of one of the hares was making her way back to the room followed by a delivery man. I never knew that Penny Savers had a delivery service. Anyway this young lady cooked up a Sunday meal for the hares and others. The delivery man actually made two trips.

We set out to the run site in four buses and the run you will read about from someone else. However after the run was finished it was noted that TPFO was missing and last seen going down river. He eventually appeared accompanied by a villager who is now his hero. Hopefully you will hear more about this in the Sunday run write up. If not I will publish a special issue.

Back at Johnstons it was dinner time again. While dinner was being prepared the big room was being transformed into Squeeze II, complete with underwear as hanging decorations. The original plan was to hang the underwear of a female as a divider so that the old farts could have their own space, but the female approached refused to lend one of her bingo bags. A fairly rotund male hasher was then approached for his jockey. He might have been willing but some smart mouth mentioned that his underwear could never be a jockey as all the riders at a Santa Rosa race meet could fit in his underwear at the same time.

As the night went on DJ Rupununi was mixing music and trying her best to get the party started. The Bajans were notably absent, not that we missed them, because POSH3 know how to party. As it turned out the bajans were resting up for the Monday morning run.

So come Monday morning out came the three female bajan hares and an assortment of hung over sleepy eyed hashers. The hares took of and the pack followed. The run took them to Pigeon Point where they found an arrow pointing out to sea. From here they were picked up by boat and brought to store bay and the ON IN.

The down downs followed and then it was time to do what yuh want until it was time to leave later the day.


  • Who was puking/vomiting on Saturday morning ?
  • Who slept in a different room each night ?
  • Who really cooked the food for the hares on Sunday ?
  • Who was the delivery man?
  • Why was the nubile Eleanor absent?
  • Why was Justin not allowed out at night ?
  • Who skinny dipped ?
  • Why was the real HM absent ?
  • Who cried on both hashes ?
  • Why was Justin not allowed out at night ?

All in all the weekend was a blast. However there was no skinny dipping in large groups. In fact when the activity was mentioned some of the people who are not of the skinny persuasion took umbridge. I then suggested that we could change the name of the activity from skinny dipping to “Skinny Dipping and Chunky Dunking.”

Look out for the launch of a new diet. The launch will take place sometime after the far east group returns. This is a proven diet and we have all seen the results, the promoter of this diet has purposely put back on some pounds to prove that it works. He has decided to launch this as it was noted that the immediate past HM, the present HM and the Ass HM all possess fairly rotund mid sections. The diet will be marketed as “The Good Horn Diet”



The HASH to Tobago started out a little dryer than normal as our Trini friends were too busy guarding the Carib and Stag.  Despite our parched mouths, we were well watered after our arrival.  We were a bit confused from our walk from the airport, we had so many offers of glass bottom boat tours that we had started to forget why we were in Tobago.  We were welcomed by POSH and got settled into our apartments.  Our first evening's dinner consisted of a BBQ, Kraft Dinner and of course beans for our British dudes.  Lessons were learned for next HASH, no beans when there are 3 men living in the room next to you!!!  After dinner, we enjoyed some socializing and closed out the evening with out a POSH person to be seen. 


Saturday’s run was a bus journey to Hillsborough Dam, a beautiful spot which included a waterfall, the TT sewage and water employee (lets hope he wasn't trying to give us a message about the waterfall), and horse size mosquitoes as we later found out.  An excellent run with bits of hiking was well planned out by- POSH hares.  They did have 2 years after all to develop this run so there would be no excuse for a true bad run. Through the creek, up and down, straddling logs and big bamboo.  Upon finding the on in, down downs could not have come fast enough as many were needing a shower in the waterfall.  Return to the apartment had us ready to lime and eat. Saturday nights’ activities are a blur as we enjoyed the music with loud singing, and dancing. There was a turkey, breaking and entering to get eggs, bacon and bread ….


Sunday's run was another bus journey to Moriah, a very flat starting point compared to the previous run.  Descent and ascent seemed to be themes of the weekend as this run had a descent to a plateau to find the track which happened to be at another descent.  At the end of the descent (from what I hear) was an upward climb followed by another climb.  After another descent was another climb and well this run was really a lot of climb with some run.  After causing the grass to be uprooted and dirt distorted all returned in good time except one.....former HM Roy Purvis.  Upon getting to the X, he was pondering what to do....Roy says to our HM, forget the X, I love rivers, I'm going through it and he was gone.  Well the run ended and lime was in order as was corn soup.  As down downs were about to begin along comes Roy in a truck having been rescued from the trail. 


Monday was a live run by the BH3 women and a boring run it was not.  Expectations were high as HASHers guessed who would set the false trail and who the true.  The debate continued, hares ever hopeful time tracking would be lost just to avoid having to be trampled by HASHers wanting to find a trail.  It was trails, nails, and puppy dog tails with bits of spikes and rubble, bull and slime, shine and blinding rain.  Confusion was apparent when the rain washed some of the flour away and at the final stage when all runners found was an arrow to the ocean.  Do we swim, do we climb, or...no it couldn't be...it was...a glass bottom boat to take runners to the beach by the apartments to the on in. 


As one of the hares (Monday) for this my first experience helping to set a run I must say the sight of runners jumping off of the boat to get to the on in was amazing.  Thank you to all of the hares, organizers, POSH and my BH3 travel mates for a fantastic weekend.

On On to Dominica 2007.




DATE:         October 21, 2006

HARES:                Big Dicks (Dexter/Egbert/Christian)

RUN SITE:    Lopinot

TIME: 3:30 p.m.


Travel east on Churchill Roosevelt Highway till you get to the Piarco Airport intersection. Turn left (north) onto Golden Grove Road and proceed towards the Eastern Main Road at the Arouca intersection. Turn right at the KFC outlet and travel to the Lopinot junction i.e. the second road on the left from the Arouca intersection. Turn left or head north towards the hills. The run site is approx 5 miles from this junction so just follow the HHH signs, staying on this road. Just before you reach the Lopinot complex take the road on the left - the run site is at Churaman's Supermarket and Bar.






RUN #           DATE                      HARES                                                 SITE              

642/643                             Sept 22-25               Tobago Hash Weekend

644                                   Oct 07                     Zam & Enrique           

645                                   Oct 21                    Christian Anderson

646                                   Nov 04                     Richard Marlay

647                                   Nov 18                    Simon Wescott

648                                   Dec 02                    Hash Christmas Run

649                                   Dec 16

650                                   Dec 30                    Mike    McGee

651                                   Jan 13 2007              Fearsome Foursome

652                                   Jan 27                     Keith Nieves

653                                   Feb 10          

                           Feb 19/20                 Carnival Days

654                                      Feb 24

655                                      Mar 10                    Alloy Cha






Dookie’s  Dabble



I would like to thank everybody who came to Tobago for the weekend.  Hope you had a great time!!.

Congrats to the hares who set two good runs.

Thanks too to the Bajans for trying to outsmart the Trini Hash into thinking they set a live run when in truth and in fact it was preset, but anyway they set a very good run.

Welcome to all the vrigins who did a run in Tobago for the first time. Hope to see you soon in Trinidad.



Volley Ball Maracas off Struday from 3 pm see Zam.

We would like to wish all the hashers who are doing the coast to coast this weekend the best of luck.