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Zamís Zanies


16 down, almost didn't make it to the last 10! The last Hash in Turure turned out to be very eventful with the HM writing-off his rare Nissan Skyline vehicle. Jucy P(a.k.a. Rachel) underwent surgery to repair tendons that were ruptured. All went well and she is recuperating nicely. Thanks to Richard DeFreitas and Pete Noel who were on the scene and helped out a lot. Thanks to those also, who sent their best wishes. On that note, no matter how good the after-lime is, let's be careful out there, we have to look out for the other drivers as they are not looking out for us!
Back to the run which was well set with many and varied terrain. As I said, with such a shitty run-site, you can only have a good run.

Virgins:Tinille, Kamira, Skeita, Sunita, Lisa, Caerell, Pradeep, Kwesi and John-Luke.

Nominees for Poofter: Richard Hart (as usual) for thinking it was a drive-thru bar. Ronald McDonald for insulting the HM with an insult and trying to buy a medium pair of capri tights (for himself). Michelle, Nancy and David for extreme stupidity, setting off 30 mins after the run started and turning back when they were almost at the On In. They were let off as it was the first time they were late for a Hash. The popular vote went to Ronald who had a cool down-down and a shower at the same time.

Taz did a down-down for winning a wining (aerobics) marathon and Naomi (jnr), for completing her first hash without a lift up. Asha take note!

Now for Tobago, the list is filling up fast and your deposit is required ($300.00), to get on the list. Don't check me until you've chequed me. First come first serve, we are taking note of the order in which the deposits are received. Dates are Nov 09-11, if you are coming from the 8th cost is $1400.00 from the 9th cost is $1300.00. For those who say they will just "happen to be in Tobago" at that time, cost is $550.00 from the 9th and $650.00 from the 8th, minus $120.00 if you don't need transport, but you have to let us know.

Next Run is #666, come out in red apparel and horns if you have. If you don't wear red you will be eligible for Poofter.